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Essay Instructions: Eleanor Roosevelt and her impact on the forming of the United Nations. How adamant and persistent she was after the fail of the League of Nations. This is for an undergraduate history college course, where the professor is female. She loves women and the role they play in society, how much they accomplish. Eleanor was a woman in this scenario, so please emphasize on that. The citations should be from peer reviewed journals (really professional, to pass the scrutiny of the professor). For any questions, reach me at . I would like to know if your promotion code of 10offnow is still on. I have ordered from you many many times through oppapers. and I will need to order a few more in January when my semester will finish. Thank you so much

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Title: Eleanor Roosevelt

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Essay Instructions: Research five articles on Eleanor Roosevelt, and prepare a two-page critical review of all five articles. Please include an APA style reference page (this page does not count as part of your two-page essay).

Find five Web sites (other than the ones listed below) on Eleanor Roosevelt, and write a two-page critical review summary of all five Web sites.

Write a five page research paper on Eleanor Roosevelt’s life. In this paper, summarize her life and the characteristics that are unique to her leadership style. Identify her behaviors, traits, and style. Finally, summarize the effects of her role on societal changes.

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Title: Presidential Spouses

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Essay Instructions: compare and contrast the character, Impact, and infuence of the following three presidential spouses using at least one published book for each woman. (include footnote and bibliography)

Nancy Davis Reagan
Barbara Pierce Bush
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt

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Title: Self Esteem

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Essay Instructions: Request:
Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of Franklin Roosevelt - 32nd President of the United States of America was vocal in her support of the African-American Civil Rights Movement. Her famous quote "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"-Eleanor Roosevelt, 'This Is My Story,' 1937 has been used to teach young girls and boys about self-esteem in today's society.

Please write an essay on the dangers of low self esteem, and provide suggestions on how to manage esteem issues.

Please include:
1. It would be great for the essay to sound natural and not a "academic" or "psychological" assessment. The tone should be as if you're speaking with someone from experience--the essay should give the impression that the speaker is passionate about this, so readers will feel empowered.

2. I would like to include the quote from Eleanor in the essay

3. It may be great to include something personal. For me, our family of origin teaches us our self-esteem. It is based upon an evaluation of ourselves we form about our personal competence and self-worth.

4. I'm Nigerian, so I would like to include this to enrich the beauty of the Nigerian Woman and enhance a new strength, energy and spirit for the advancement of women.

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