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Essay Instructions: This essay is for the course: Research methodology in psychology.

The topic for this essay is educational psychology of children in schools. The paper should be written in APA consistant throughout. The main focus should be on the tests and measures associated with 3-5 theories on the topic. Main areas to include in the essay surrounding the topic should be the identification of 3-5 theories defining the research probelm, analyzing the research methodology behind each theory, identification of the nature and the sources of error in each reseach theory, critically evaluating each research theory.

NO internet resources are allowed for use in this essay, only refereed material such as substantiated journal articles and books. The essay should be based on 12 original journal articles in the particular field of interest.

INstructions from the prof:

The essay should NOT simply be an annotated bibliography of the papers you have read. The essay should be organized to present what is currently known about the topic and at the same time provide a good story line. Papers should not be text-book like summaries, or look like pamphlets from a medical or industrial company. They should also not be a series of personal anecdotes.

Analyze the topic. Depth of analysis is preferable to breadth. Tell the reader lots about something not a little about a lot of things. Try to develop some form of a theme. It may be helpful to think of the paper as an attempt to establish an argument or make a point. You don't need to formulate a specific hypothesis about your topic, but your paper should have some form of direction.

Avoid vague descriptive terms. For example, do not write "the performance of the rats in Lashley's early experiments provided significant steps in understanding behiouristic learning principles." (what does this sentence mean? Why were the experiments significant? Did they provide incentive to work harder? Who knows? Who cares? Also avoid rhetorical questions.

Begin the paper by introducing the topic and what the approach to the topic is going to involve. Start with broad concepts and work towards the specifics. Don't begin or conclude the paper with profound statements. Begin the arguments and when you have finished what you are going to say, stop. At the end of the paper provide whatever conclusions you have arrived at and then stop. Try to write clearly and precisely even at the risk of being a bit dull at times.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Educational psychology

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1822 Works Cited: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This has to be a Point of View (POV) paper. The general subject is related to educational psychology. Among these are the theory of Multiple Intelligences and its use, standards and accountability, the brain and learning, globalization and learning as well as others. This Point of View Paper should take a position on one of these issues and discuss your impressions about them. Why are they issues related to education? What, exactly, are the differing viewpoints? How do they relate to educational psychology? What are the implications in everyday classroom practice?

You may select any topical issue around which to write this position paper. (I will list some topics below to choose from) Make sure you connect this issue both to educational psychology as well as classroom practice.

Here are some issues that Education Week lists as Hot topcis particulary important in education today. You might find this usefull for the topic. Topics are:
A Nation at Risk Adequate Yearly Progress
Accountability After-School Programs
Achievement Gap Alternate Teacher Certification
Assessment Character education
charter schools choice
class size College Access
Comprehensive school reform Desegregation
distance learning dropouts
english-language learners high school reform
Home Schooling Leadership
Low-Performing schools No child left behind
Parent Involvement Prekindergarten
Private schooling privatization of public educat.
professional development reading
religion in school rural education
school construction school finance
school-to-work social promotion
special education standards
student health student mobility
teacher quality technology in education
Title I Tracking
Violence and Safety Vouchers
year-round schooling

Make sure that you connect the issue to some theory in educational psychology. Some suggestions might be:
- does constructivism work in today's classrooms? (Vygotsky, Piaget, Bruner)
- What is intelligence? (Gardner)
- Should schools continue to "track" students ability?(Gardner)
- Should schools adopt manadatory bullying policies?(Kohlberg)
- Do single sex classrooms work?(Erikson)
- Do school uniforms policies work? (Erikson)
- What is the impact of standardized testing on student growth and motivation?

For this paper take one current educational issue that you can connect to educational psychology and discuss its meaning, importance and implication for the field.

The Position Paper should be structured as follows:
- Present the issue under review. Give some background so the reader understands the scope of the issue. Tell why you think it's important and why the reader should care about it.
- Discuss its relevance to educational psychology, or what you determine this relevance to be. How and why do you think it relates to educational psychology? Why should a teacher care about this issue in the context of his/her classroom? Why should parents care? Why should pre-service teachers care?
- Present your opinions, feelings and response to the issue. What do you think about it? How would you handle its resolution(if it needs one)?

3-5 Sources are to be used. Journals and Periodicals can be used.


Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Educational Psychology

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1094 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay


Write a 3 page concise paper (Graduate/Doctoral level writing) identifying key elements of the case “Someday My Elders Will Be Proud,” and recommending possible actions/approaches based upon perspectives of development, learning motivation, and other relevant Educational Psychology areas. The paper should discuss the perspectives of the main character(s) in the case as well as your own perspectives about what issues or problems are of importance in the case. You should provide evidence from the case to support your analysis and discuss relevant Educational Psychology principles and theories. You should discuss what you think was “done right” or what helped the person’s learning or development as well as what else might have been done to optimize learning or development. Your approaches and analysis should again be supported by concepts, research, principles, theories from Educational Psychology. Approaches or solutions should be clearly linked to the analysis of the events in the case.

The 3 page paper MUST also address/answer the following questions (this is the "meat" of the paper):
1. Jean is a bright youth, but she struggles in school. How would an educational psychologist explain her difficulties in school?
2. Jean’s family and community present both positive and negative influences of her life. What has helped or hindered her in her development?
3. How might developmental theorists such as Erikson, Bronfenbrenner or Bandura explain the changes that occur in Jean throughout the case? (*prob. the most important of the questions—theories and concepts should be presented in ways that provide an in-depth understanding of the case)
4. What could the schools in this case have done differently to help Jean be more successful?

In addition to the 4 above questions, you may discuss any other relevant Educational Psychology concepts or theories to analyze both the major issues/events in the case and the approaches/solutions suggested by you. I do not have a minimum or maximum number of resources that you must use, but 3 or so sources should suffice. I will e-mail “essaytown” the case study “Someday My Elders Will Be Proud” as an attachment. Due date: Monday, September 10th (approximately10 AM EST)

There are faxes for this order.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Educational Psychology Socioeconomic status and academic achievement

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2625 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Write the thesis like a research paper

- discuss how student differences influence on students' learning and/or teachers' instruction.

- Begin by defining the topic and presenting a set of literature review.

- elaborate the topic with your arguments supported by theories if applicable.

(Theories on student characteristics:
Erikson's theory of psychosocial development;
Piaget's theory of intellectual development;
Vygotsky's sociocultural theory of cognitive development;
Piaget and Kohblerg's theories of moral development, etc

Theories on learning and instruction:
behavioral learning theories;
information process theory;
social cognitive theory;
constructivist learning theory;
behavioral, cognitive, humanistic and social approaches to instruction, etc)

-cite appropriate examples from former academic researches if applicable (RECENT examples)

-give a conclusion stating your main arguments

-in text citations in APA format is a must

Journals in Educational Psychology, like Educational Psychologist (1963) and Educational Psychology Review (1989) are mostly favourable. (but use only the recent researches)

I want to use this reference if you can find it:
Sirin, S. (2003, April). Socioeconomic status and academic achievement: A meta-analytic review of research 1990-2000. Paper presented at the annual meeting of American Educational Research Association,

Excerpt From Essay:

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