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Title: ecotourism

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1397 References: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I would like you to include these three main discussion points. Each point should include common aspects about the domain and also some counter arguments.

1)Ecotourism vs Traditional Tourism
- ecotourism is not a substitute for the traditional tourism.
- however, ecotourism is more of an alternative that helps increase sustainable value

2)Ecotourism market
- who is ecotourism target towards
- how to make ecotourism more obtainable to a wider market
- problems with how ecotourism is marketed

3)Ecotourism in developing countries
- how ecotourism benefits developing countries
- the possible negative impacts that ecotourism might have on these countries

and please include some kind of conclusion at the end

thank you

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Title: Ecotourism

Total Pages: 3 Words: 919 Works Cited: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Need a three page reaction paper to the following scenario: Write a reaction paper to the Ecotourism Game and why you made the decisions you did in the exercise.

Go to the Indigenous Ecotourism and Sustainable Development: The Case of Río Blanco, Ecuador web site ( Read the report and complete the Amazon Interactive: The Ecotourism Game.

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APA any amount of resources okay.
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Title: Current trends in Ecotourism analysis paper

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1988 Bibliography: 6 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: 5 page literature analysis- opening, comprehensive summary, and closing. Article summaries will be sent to writer as well as background information and what I have started but could use some real help putting it all together to have the following .

1) Develop a comprehensive summary relating how the information from the individual articles describe the Ecotourism trend. NEED THIS(2-3 page)
2) Literature review summaries (provided)
3) CLOSING (1 page)

If you can find any relevant literature articles that you think would be better by all means use them I can have 5-7 articles to review and analyze for comprehensive summary.
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Title: ecotourism

Total Pages: 10 Words: 4229 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Dear sir
I have started my dissertation. I am dyslexic therefore the text bellow needs to be structure really well. . A good academic writting is essencial I enclose the questionnaires and interview questions which has to be edited or rewrote to suit the dissertation proposal. Graphs and models to be used to illustrate the findings
The questionnaires should be statiscally analysed. What I need from you is the findings and conclusion.

If you have any problems write me to or call me on 00 55 19 3876 10 90 (BRAZIL - I will be working there for 2 weeks)
Havard referencing can you follow the guidelines in the website bellow, please



The social cultural impact of establishing an eco-tourism enterprise in Joao Pessoa- Brazil


1. An analysis of eco-tourism development
2. An assessment of the opportunities - regional, domestic, international
3. An evaluation of the projects feasibility
4. An examination of the social-cultural impact of the eco-tourism
5. Conclusion


Brazil has a sanctuary of the finest natural resources in the world ? fauna & flora?, therefore tourism is in ascendence and demands for mid class hotels are on increase. The development of eco-tourism in specific areas is anticipated due to partnership with local banking intuitions; local government interest and regulations; and a general growth of awareness of the tension between the tourist dollar, the environment and local cultures.

Research Methods

Primary research ( interviews and questionnaires) to analyse the feasibility of the project. Secondary research - internet, journals, books.
Contact local government and bank institutions to find out the incentives for new businesses. Link to others countries which have developed eco-tourism successfully. Search for UK an Brazilian tour operators to evaluate the tourism demands in Brazil.
Potential problems : difficulty to interview professionals in the hospitality and tourism industry. Raise interest on the local government to back the project. Legislation and regulations connected to the development and sustainability of the site.


Brazilian Tourism Board
Empirical visit to the area 1998, 2000, 2002.
Books, journals, web sites
Contact hotel consultants to evaluate the project


1. Why have you decided to open a hotel?
2. What the hotel profile and the target customer?
3. Have you done market research to:
a) the location
b) consumer profile
c) product you are offering
d) number of rooms
e) lincense A&B for restaurant?
3) If there wans?t a market research, how decisoes have been made?
4) Did you hire hotel consultant?
5) What type of marketing tools have been used?
6) Was there any restriction due to to the environmet legislation concerned to the nature of the enterprise?
7) Is your hotel eco-friendly - if yes, why have you decided to open an ecotourism hotel?
8) What was the investment put in the enterprise?
9) Have you had any government or bank incentives?
10) Is your business seasonal?
11) If your business is seasonal , how?s your rate of occupancy?
12) What measures are taking to pete in the seasonal market?
13) What srtucture for leisure and conference has your hotel?
14) What your guest is looking for leisure or conference or both?
15) What mechanisms is used to measure service and quality to your guests?
16) How do you measure client satisfaction?
17) How do you achieve guests loyalty?
18) What is your short term expectations for the hospitality industry in your region?
19) Viewing your experience How would you orientated a new entrepeneur to implement a hotel?
20) Would you support new entrepeneur?
1. Professional activities
freelancer ( ) Entrepeneur ( ) Executive ( )
2. Age 20 to 30 ( ) 31 t0 50 ( ) over 50 ( )
As a conference and event promoter, please answer the quetions bellow:
1. How may seminars or conferences do you attend yearly?
one ( ) two ( ) three s ( ) or more ( )
2. What type of hotel do you prefer?
city center ( ) country side ( )
3. Would you consider going to an ecotourism hotel?
yes ( ) no ( )
4. Would you consider travelling to another region in Brazil to attend a seminar? Yes or No
south ( ) southeast ( ) northeast ( )
5. In a case of out of city hotels, what distances would you travel?
30 t0 100 km ( ) 100 to 150 km ( ) more than 150 km ( )
6. Would you choose Joao Pessoa for a conference and event? If the answer is yes, is that because of :
climate ( ) heritage & leisure ( ) natural resources ( )
7. What is the most important facilities when hosting an event? In ascending mumerical order 1 to 5:
food ( ) confort ( ) leisure activities( )
natural resources ( ) relaxation and tranquility ( )
8, What food style is more applicable to you?
home made ( ) regional ( ) International ( )
9. For leisure activities which is more important? In ascending numerical order 1 to 5:
treklkng ( ) swiming pool ( ) sauna ( ) sports ( ) others -----
10. What do you prefer doing in your free time:
shopping ( ) sightseeing ( ) using hotel facilities ( )

Define your client profile?
a- What frequency does your client travel (weekly, monthly, annualy) lenght of stay; season
b- budget : what?s the average spending of your client
c- state the factors which your client decides on the hotel choice ( location, distance, hotel size, confort)
Would you consider to sell packages holiday to an ecoturism hotel?
d- Have you noticed an increase on demand for ecoturism?
e - What resources and facilities that an ecotourism hotel should offer to gain loyal customers
f- What factors that stop client to choose certain hotels
g- What leisure facilities should be considered?

I enclose also the methodology it might be necessary for you to draw the findings and conclusion
Thank you

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