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Essay Instructions: BU480 eBusiness Strategy

Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be a minimum of one (1) single-spaced page to a maximum of two (2) pages in length; refer to the "Assignment Format" page for specific format requirements.

Explain the Internet?s effects on planning by how it influences

1) the motivation for planning,

2) the processes for planning, and 3) the outcomes of planning.

Be sure to give complete explanations of each effect, using examples in your discussion.

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Essay Instructions: We need to write up a report for the e-business presentation. The two e-business modules are "regulatory, ethical, and compliance issues in e-commerce" and "customer to customer e-commerce". The presentation, report structure and related bibliography are uploaded for your reference. We need citation for each part of our reports.

1. The Assignment 2 - Context:
1.1. The team should act as a consulting team for the chosen company.
1.2. Each team should choice a company and one particular topic area from this module. The chosen company can be a purely online or bricks and mortar company
1.3. All teams are not allowed to select these companies from Assignment 1, official taught on lectures, and Dell, Amazon and e-Bay
1.4. The selected company cannot be duplicated with other teams in the same tutorial group.
1.5. All teams should need to submit the chosen company name and got an approval from the tutor on Tutorial 4.
1.6. The Framework:
A. Introduction
Why the chosen case was of interest
- Give a brief overview of the case and why the group picked it
- Identify its business/market/products/services and if online or not at this time.
B. The current situation of eBusiness of the chosen company
Current situation highlight and justify initial areas of the module that may be relevant to the company
- What is our chosen company currently doing or what could it be doing online?
- Consider using one or more of the following: the eCommerce models, e-marketing techniques, and possibly strategic models
- If the case has both an online and offline element compares the two offerings.
C. Competitor Review
Consider what your chosen company?s competitors are doing.
- Pick no more than three competitors and identify how your case compares
- Is your company doing more or less ? justify
- Consider the potential for eBusiness development
D. Conclusion
Provide an overview of the potential online opportunities/ developments based on the above A,B & C
- Also consider threats to possible identified options.
E. Recommendation
Justify how and what a potential improvement by using E-Commerce related elements
- Propose an online recommendation plan to the chosen company
- Address the possible threats from your recommendation plan
- Consider the feasibility of your recommendation

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Title: Capstone Project eBusiness eCommerce and online advertising

Total Pages: 1 Words: 444 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I work at a nail spa. My job duties: I design & print flyers/posters about four times a year for each season, I also do market research for new technologies/supplies/price every week. Every month, I email my business/marketing/financial plans to my boss. I manage the nail spa while the owner isn't there. I post ads on websites, email coupons & referral special price to frequent & new customers too. I'm trying to convince my boss to let me set up & design a new website and hopefully we can have our own website in the future so the customers can book appointments, leave

Topic: Capstone Project – eBusiness, eCommerce & online advertising
Write a brief narrative essay to talk about how all of the following concepts are used & covered in my job duties. To cover the following concepts completely, you can add more job duties or use your own creative job duties without using most of my real job duties if needed. Please don't make it sound impossible and out of nail spa profession:

1.Review marketing, management, and web principals
2.To prepare students for the job market with a portfolio
3.To expose students to the complete eBusiness cycle
3a.Practical Market Research
3b.Business Plan Development
3c.Marketing Plan Development
3d.Web Site Design and Implementation
3e.Presenting the Company to Venture Capitalists

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Essay Instructions: maplin case study

use argos and currys as the competitors

2. Current status of e-business in the sector
2.1 Current (or potential) involvement in electronic business: Which companies, of
those you investigated, performed ?better?? What did they do better? How could the
rest of the companies improve their sites? (what might be the next steps to follow?)
Why do you think some of the companies performed better than others? (try to find
more information on the companies ? e.g., do the best developed sites belong to
larger companies? Did you find differences in what companies from different
countries do?)
2.2 e-business model(s) adopted (or proposed): start you search with your textbook
and the resources described in the study guide. Identify E-business applications and
roles of actors involved in the organisation. Present and analyse e-factors: which
factors (either technical or organisational or individual or industrial or societal can
be identified in the case and how are they manifested; Impact (positive or
negative) of relevant factors on the e-business strategy of the organisation, and ebusiness
planning in particular. How the impact of this factor is managed (which
business process deal with this factor and which actors are involved, what policies
are in place etc.)
2.3 Summary: which factors contribute (currently and which in the future) to the
success of e-business in the case.
3. Developing your e-business
3.1 Brief description of the envisaged website (with reference to the business sector it is
developed in) and the envisaged capabilities of your application with appropriate
justification/rational. Include screenshots where necessary to illustrate your ideas
and proposals (for example from other existing websites).
3.2 Explain the technologies involved. Particular emphasis should be given to the
following features that a commercial website should have: product management,
payment management, advertising policies, order management, sales analysis.
Include screenshots where necessary to illustrate your ideas and proposals.
3.3 Discuss usability methods for evaluating the website. Explain and justify your
approach to evaluate this company?s website.
3.4 Explain the critical success factors for your overall plan to work in practice
4. Conclusions
4.1 Provide an overview/summary of the overall project and your findings.
4.2 Identify areas for improvement of the e-business in the sector you investigated.
5. Bibliography
Provide a list of the bibliographical/web sources you used. Include publication details
and all information necessary to access the online resources. Sources should be cited in
the text by (Author name, year) and appear in the references list in alphabetical order
by Author?s last name. This also applies to websites, e.g. an online article/webpage
should be listed in your references as follows: (Managementfirst, 2005). Success and
failure factors of adopting SAP in ERP system implementation. Available online at

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