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Title: E Commerce 3 citations 3 recent articles E Commerce Research apply content a minimum recent articles Electronic Commerce Write a minimum 2 pages discussing viewpoint topic refer content articles support findings

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Essay Instructions: E Commerce - 3 citations - 3 recent articles on E Commerce

Research and apply the content from a minimum of three recent articles about Electronic Commerce. Write a minimum of 2 pages discussing your viewpoint on the topic and refer to the content from the articles to support your findings.

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Khorshidi, G.R. (2012). The role of trust in E-commerce relational exchange: A unified model. Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business, 4(7), 230-242.

Li, P., & Xie, W. (2012). A strategic framework for determining e-commerce adoption. Journal of Technology Management in China, 7(1), 22-35.

Morid, M.A., & Shajari, M. (2012). An enhanced e-commerce trust model for community-based centralized systems. Electronic Commerce Research, 12(4), 409-427.

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Title: E commerce and Business Process

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Essay Instructions: Assignment (Project) 1500-2000 word

The assignment (the project) must be consistent and all parts must be linked together and coherent. The assignment length should not exceed 2000 word and should not be under any cases less than 1500 word, excluding references list, figures, tables and appendices.

1. Definition of e commerce
2. E-commerce as modern business methodology
3. What are the characteristics of Internet market vs. traditional market
4. Benefits of e commerce
5. What are critical success factors of e-commerce.
6. E-commerce applications.
7. Types of E-commerce e.g. B2B, B2C, C2C etc.
8. Security and Legal issues of e-commerce.
9. Analyze and discuss how Apple Inc. benefited from e commerce in terms of cost saving, profitability, business process, what application it use etc.

The recommended structure of the assignment is as follows:

1.Introduction; must include the aims of your project, purposes, scope, industry, and main issues covered in the project, (approximately 150 words)
2.Literature review: Getting some literature support relevant to your topic from journal articles and books and other relevant sources (700 words approximately).
3.Analysis and discussion and the case or the company (Apple Inc.) that is covered in your project (400 words approximately). In addition to your opinion and critical reflections.
4.Conclusions and recommendations

Format of the paper:

1.Double-spaced, 12 point font with one inch borders
2.No grammatical or syntactic errors
3.All references contained in the Reference List or Bibliography conform to a bibliographic standard, e.g., APA.
4.No citation issues. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
5.Pages are numbered, and section have titles and sub-titles
6.Include Table of contents
7.Include Table of figures
8.Use figures, diagrams, pictures, table etc.

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Works Cited:


Barkley, D.L., R.D. Lamie, and D.M. Markley. (2008). E-Commerce As A Business Strategy: Lessons Learned From Case Studies Of Rural And Small Town Businesses. These materials were developed as part of the Southern Rural Development Center's National Rural e-Commerce Extension Initiative. They are based upon work supported by the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, under Award No. 2005-45064-03212.

Beesmer. (2010). Bessemer's Top 10 Laws of E-Commerce. Beesmer Venture Partners.

Fruhling, A.L. And L.A. Digman. 2000. "The Impact of Electronic Commerce on Business Level Strategies." Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, 1(1): 13-22.

Laudon, K.C. And Traver, C.G. (2009). E-Commerce: Business, Technology, and Society, Fifth Edition. Prentice Hall, Pearson Education, Inc.

Montgomery, R. 2007. "What is E-commerce." Access e-commerce program website, http://www.accesse.info.

OECD. 2001. "The Internet and Business Performance." OECD Business and Industry Policy Forum Report and Proceeding. http://www.oecd.org/sti/business-forum.

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Title: e commerce

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Essay Instructions: I want to propose a reall life problem in field of e commerce for my Phd thesis ( can be related to security or chllenges)
So proposal should discuss problem and possible solution and then if its being accepted I want a whole thesis on that issue. I will contact you guys once it is accepted and I need full research on the area, thanking you.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Works Cited:

1) Ghosh, AK, 1st edition - January 21, 1998, E-Commerce Security: Weak Links, Best Defenses, John Wiley & Sons.

2) Raisinghani, M, (editor), January 7, 2002, Cases on Worldwide E-Commerce: Theory in Action (Cases on Information Technology Series, Vol 4, Part 3), Idea Group Publishing

3) Hills, R, 23 April 2003, Key risks to e-commerce security, "My IT Adviser," Retreived on 20th February, 2004, from:

4) Hassler, V, October 2000, Security Fundamentals for E-Commerce, Artech House.

5) Mitchell, L, July 02, 2001, Securing online privacy, Securing online privacy - Successful e-commerce sites strive to gain end-user confidence, while end-users learn the ropes of online shopping, InfoWorld, Retreived on 20th February, 2004, from:

< http://archive.infoworld.com/articles/op/xml/00/10/30/001030oprx.xml >

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