E-Commerce and Business Process

E-Commerce Defined

E- commerce as modern business methodology

Characteristics of internet and traditional markets

Benefits of E-commerce

Critical Success Factors of E-commerce

E-commerce applications

Types of E-commerce business models

Security and legal issues

Apple Company and E-commerce

Business and E-Commerce

Implementation of E-commerce

Conventional market approach vs. modern market approach

E-Commerce Applications

Types of E-Commerce models

E- commerce defined:

E-commerce is broadly described as "utilizing online sources as well as tools to perform business in a far better way - more effectively and proficiently (Montgomery, 2007)." As a result, e-commerce supports the promise as well as challenge of impacting every part of a business' operations from product design and style and manufacturing to distribution as well as delivery service. Organizations utilizing or thinking about e-commerce ought to check out the possible functions for e-commerce in every facet of the businesses' functions. The actual case studies offer...
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