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Instructions for Drunk Driving College Essay Examples

Title: drunk driving

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Essay Instructions: i would like it to tlak about the effects of drunk driving and some facts on how much is common and how many people are killed or injured and the laws on it that sort of thing

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Essay Instructions: Select 3 Scholarly academic journal articles aimed at a review of drunk driving policy.
Submit a brief review of the article and a more detailed discussion about what impressed you the most about the article. Chose a crime theory that helps explain why this policy is needed to prevent this type of crime

Write a brief review of all 3 articles and a more detailed discussion about the article that impresses you the most.

In this detailed discussion be sure to address questions the following:

1. What makes this policy more appealing?
2. How does appreciating the role of social and or political context help in your assessment?
3. To What extent is this policy rooted and/or Supported by particular crime theories?

11 pages with approved method of in-text citation and bibliography (MLA, APA preferred)

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Essay Instructions: Research paper
Topic : Drunk driving
Sources must be scholarly
It is a problem solution research paper ( argue / solution)
Solution example: Increase fines ( jail time / suspend licenses permanently) - educating teens
Only ONE solution must be used so pick one of these or another one.
show how it is an important topic
overview/background on topic
Facts/numbers ( deaths / accidents)
State what are the legal consequences.
At least ONE of the sources must be a scholarly book or an article from a scholarly journal.
One source that might be helpful ( not sure if it is scholarly)
Lerner, Barron H.. One for the road: drunk driving since 1900. Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011. Print
No plagiarism + i need bibliography / works cited.
I need it to be professional because i will use it as a guide for writing research papers.

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Title: Research Methodology

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2187 References: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The Final Project requires me to develop a formal research proposal on a hypothetical topic. "Identify the type of research design you would employ to accomplish this task, the methods you would use to collect the data, and the type of sampling you would use. Identify any limitations in terms of the method(s) selected and the sampling method employed, and outline the strengths of your design and the method(s) you chose. The length of the report should be 7-10 pages, double spaced, and use APA format when citing references".

Proposal Guidelines:
Introduction- set the stage for your research. Provide a roadmap of sorts laying out the central issues, research hypothesis, and justifications for your research (1-2 pages;

Methods- this is the meat of your project. Offer a detailed accounting of the steps you will choose to collect your data. The more details and justification for your choices that you offer, the higher grade you will receive (2-4 pages);

Literature Review- a comprehensive summary of published theory and research relevant to the study presented in the report;

Analysis- briefly state how you would go about presenting and analyzing your data if in fact you actually collected the data (1 page);

Appendices- if in your methods section for example, you plan on distributing a survey instrument, you are expected to construct a questionnaire. All of the independent variables must be present and should conform to acceptable guidelines for doing so. You will not be expected to write out 15 or 20 survey items (dependent variables), just include a few of them to demonstrate that you have an understanding of how to construct a survey;

**My idea for the proposal topic**
I would like to choose a topic that would allow for some type of experimental design and comparison of some different types of "treatment", primarily because I think it will help me address all the concerns covered in the question.
For example, the research question/ hypothesis could involve comparing different types of "treatment" for first time DWI offenders. We could take all first time offenders for one year to a County Criminal Court (our sample).
We would then randomly assign these offenders (say there are 1000) to one of four different "treatments". Group I will receive a 6 month jail sentence. Group II will receive traditional probation. Group III will receive a newly adopted program where offenders will come once a week for a month to receive education on the dangers of drinking, by viewing educational videos and listening to impact panels. We could then have a control group that receives no treatment. After the treatments are dished out, we have a post-test intended to measure the prevalence of drinking and driving among our sample. This post test will consist of a check of official records for any DWI re-arrests and a mailed survey asking the degree to which these offenders still drink and drive (unofficial). We then compare the results and see which treatment worked the best to reduce drunk driving among our sample. This is called a "post-test only factorial design".

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