Drunk Driving Trends and Effects

Drunk driving and driving under the influence in general is a major problem in the United States. The problem is a common cause of traffic accidents and traffic fatalities and demonstrates a pervasive legal and social issue that has yet to be adequately solved and may even be increasing in occurrence as the population spreads into larger and larger areas. (Flahardy 4) According to Flahardy statistics show that first time arrestees on DUI charges have driven their cars while intoxicated on average 80 times before being detained and arrested on their first DUI charge. As the distance between destinations grows ever wider incidents of impaired driving seems to be increasing as the convenience of alternatives to driving yourself home become more mentally prohibitive, i.e. distance, cost, convenience, and time. (Flahardy 4)

DUI seems to affect in incidence a greater number of young people and be...
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