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Essay Instructions: For each source below, provide a reference (where one can find it, see it, or read it) and a one-page summary of what you saw or read and your opinion of what you saw or read. Include any additional information that you think is interesting or important with regard to what you saw or read.
Source 1. State or federal drug legislation - Find recent (2004 to present) legislation from any source regarding licit or illicit drug use. What changes were made with regard to the drug laws?
Source 2. Song lyrics - Find any type of music which refers to the use of licit or illicit drugs. Does the song glorify drug use?
Source 3. Magazine article - Find a recent (2004 to present) article in a nationally recognized magazine such as Time, Newsweek, or Sports Illustrated regarding licit or illicit drug use.
Source 4. Journal article - Find a recent (2004 to present) journal article regarding licit or illicit drug use. Journals differ from magazines in that journals typically report the results of research projects and contain an abstract, methods, results, and discussion sections.
Source 5.Magazine advertisement - Find an advertisement for alcohol or tobacco in a popular magazine. Describe the ad and tell the magazine where you found the ad. Who is the target audience? Do you think the ad would reach its intended audience and encourage the use of the alcohol or tobacco product (Consider the ad itself and the magazine in
which it was found)?
Source 6. Website - Review a website related to licit or illicit drug use. Describe the website and review the contents of the website. Is the website educational or is it an advertisement for drug use? Who is the target audience?

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Title: drug usage

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Essay Instructions: In september8,2006 edition of the detroit free press page 10a, there is an article on illicit drug use rising among baby boomers. the article goes on to say that drug usage among young teens has gone down for 3 consecutive years. the article further states that drug usa in the age range of 18-25 remains the highest, and continues to rise. most disturbing, was the statisitc that people in the age group of 50-59 had an increase of drug usage from 2.7% in 2002, to 4.4% in 2005. In psycology the ternal question of nature Vs nurture is applied to all topics. In your view , do you think that drug usage has a genetic component or do you feel that drug usage is enviromentally induced? take a position on this topic and support it.

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Essay Instructions: I Want a essay on The Rise In Drug Use Among Teenagers In America.
I plan on arguing on the rise of drug use among teens in America.

Glazer, S. (1995, July 28). Preventing teen drug use. CQ Researcher, 5, 657-680.

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Instructions: Write an essay in which you employ the rhetorical appeals and Toulmin to support an argument. Topic: Write about a problem in your community (which could include any group in which you are a member). First, convince your readers that this is a problem. Find evidence from research to convince them. Then, write a solution to this problem. Your paper should center on a clearly articulated, concrete, and tightly focused thesis that directly states your argument and your solution. This thesis statement should be presented as the last sentence of your introduction. I also expect to see three main points that support your thesis in three or more body paragraphs with strong topic sentences and an appropriate conclusion. You must also include at least one quote from the article that you will find using one of the on-line databases from the library. You will document the quote in the text the and in a works cited page just you were required to do in Essay 2.
Length: At least 3 full pages and no more than 5 pages.
Audience: A group of interested, intelligent scholars. Some audience members agree with your position and solution, some disagree, and others are either uninformed or undecided.
Evaluation Criteria: I will evaluate the following elements of your essay: thesis statement, introduction, conclusion, unity, topic sentences, completion, relevance, focus, quoting, organization, progression, language/word choice, grammar, and content.

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Title: drug use among teenagers

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Essay Instructions: my research is to show that there is an increasing trend in illicit drug use among young people. i have to back this up with 3 major points. the paper should be in MLA format and be 6 pages in length. It basically have to have a thesis (there is an increase in drug use among young people), supported by 3 points, and a conclusion. we cannot use internet resources, so all works cited have to come from published books, articles, journals, etc....

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