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The web site gives kids a definition of drugs and then goes on to discuss the difference between legal and illegal drugs. Written in a way that children can understand, this web site makes it easy for children to gain a positive attitude toward taking the legal, prescribed drugs that a doctor has given them while still understanding the danger of taking illegal drugs. Because it is geared toward children, the site has a wonderful way of helping kids understand terminology used most often by adults. For instance, the site defines the term "drug problem" for kids, and contains links to other articles about illegal drugs. On these pages, the child learns what a certain drug is, for instance that heroin is derived from the opium poppy, other names for the drug, how it is used, and its effects.Overall, this web site is a wonderful resource for children. Although it does bring some adult content to the children -- showing some of the less scientific names for certain drugs -- it is the perfect way to educate children about drugs and keep them off drugs through information. Children need to know how scary taking a drug can be, which is the purpose of the effects page. Reading about these situations may scare children, but the kind of fear is a positive fear that will help them keep off drugs. The simple style makes it even easier for kids to understand, and the colorful wall paper excellently draws children in to using this wonderful site......

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