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Title: drug cartel

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1404 References: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The topic is " with the ongoing drug cartel war in mexico what role should the united states play?"

~ double space
~ Courier New fount 12"
~ 1" margins(upper,left,right)
~ APA format
~ must site reference within the body

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Title: Latin America terrorism issues and possible convergence with drug cartels and or other ordinary crime syndicates in Central and South America

Total Pages: 25 Words: 7613 Works Cited: 25 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Topic: Terrorism

Thesis/Focus: This research project will focus on an overview of Latin America terrorism issues and possible convergence with drug cartels (and/or other ordinary crime syndicates) in Central and South America. It will research regional and international terrorist groups, both state and non-state sponsored. The final paper will not provide any conclusions, but merely provide evidence for the reader to render their own opinion.

Questions for consideration:
- Could it happen or could it already be happening?
- What are the possible scenarios and/or groups (regional or international) involved?
- What are the future and/or present impact on Central and South American governments?
- What is the future / and or present impact for the U.S. and how might DHS and NORTHCOM view the challenge, currently and in the future?

Outline topics / suggestions:
I. Regional overview and terrorist concerns
a. Columbia - FARC
b. Peru
c. Cuba
d. Venezuela
e. Mexico
f. Iranian activity and sponsorship focus
i. Tri- Boarder area of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay

II. Regional overview and criminal activities and concerns
a. Groups
b. Types of Crime which may also finance terrorist activity
i. Drugs and Drug Cartels
ii. Smuggling
iii. Credit Card fraud
c. Donations
i. Religious ?Zakat ? tax
ii. International organizations
iii. Internet

III. U.S. concerns, response and possible scenarios.

IV. Conclusion (or closing summation ? not opinion).

25 pages. 25 sources. Footnotes at bottom of each page.

One guidance note: Again, I do not want to make any conclusions in this paper. Merely lead the reader to render their own opinion.

We do not want to conclude that there's no proof that cartels are collaborating with terrorists etc. or that the cartels are not themselves doing acts that meet the definition of terrorism.

Definition of terrorism (for my purposes): Acts of violence that are aimed at noncombatants/innocent civilians intended to create fear, for the purpose of achieving a political goal, and are conducted by a non-state group.

This is where this topic gets interesting / just food for thought: We know that the drug cartels/gangs have their goals, which are not focused politically (however, they do wish to influence governments to leave them alone) ? and as a by-product/result, they have weakened Central and South American governments during the process. Terrorist groups, who have targeted the U.S., may see this as a real opportunity to ally themselves with the cartels to raise funds, create further instability and infiltrate the U.S. via the Mexican border etc. Furthermore, as governments get weaker and their limited resources stretched we could see an increase in immigration (legal and illegal) of immigrants just wanting to escape, loss of credibility and trust of their government and /or possible U.S. ground intervention operations (just some of the scenarios).

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Learning Team Assignment: Week 5

Drotos Electronics Expansion Proposal

Your company, Drotos Electronics, is well established in the United States and in
Germany. A leading producer of specialty electronics components, your company has
plans to build a new manufacturing facility in Mexico. While the local municipalities in the locations you are scouting are eager for you to build there, your company?s board is wary of the growing criticism concerning the increasing power of drug cartels, jobs,
environmental concerns and opposition to expansion outside of the United States. As the lead development team, your job is to put together a proposal for the board on the
relative benefits of expansion into Mexico.

? Write a 800-word paper that assesses the impact of such a move on the
Locale and on Drotos Electronics.

Investigate issues, such as the increasing power of drug cartels, environmental
Impact (Natalia)
Develop a sustained and coherent argument that supports Drotos Electronics?
plans to build operations in Mexico and the projected impact this will have on the
area (Natalia)

? Cite at least two references.
? Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines

Do you think it is possble to have the paper ready on 10/8/2012 before noon?


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Title: Mexican Drug War

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2189 Sources: 10 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: What are the reasons for Mexico’s current issues concerning drug cartels? How have these drug cartels and corrupt government officials socially influenced everyday society for Mexico’s individuals? Why are there so many casualties, and how do they affect the individuals within the communities?

• Should have a thesis or argument
• Should have a political reference (political sociology)

not double spaced!!!!!

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