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Moreover, influential Mexican officials are involved in the drug business and they support drug leaders in destroying the country. Corruption is thriving in Mexico, as most high officials find it difficult to resist the benefits that the drug business might bring. (Andrew Reding) According to Reding, there are even members of the federal judicial police involved in the Mexican drug business. It is not just the financial benefits which make officials get involved in the drug industry. There have been several important Mexican people that chose to reject the thought of collaborating with the drug barons. Sadly, most of those that didn't cooperate had been murdered by the merciless cartels. Curiously, wanted drug lords are often sighted on the streets of Mexico accompanied by their bodyguards as they simply walk along the streets without being arrested. (Reding) Their attitude is an insult to honest people everywhere.

The Mexican drug industry is getting more powerful with the passing of time and more and more people become drug abusers as a result. The increase in the arrest of drug lords doesn't seem to stop the evolution of drugs in Mexico and in the U.S.

The U.S. is one of the countries with the highest rates of drug abuse and drug sale. Drug lords worldwide are aware of the fact, and they struggle to get their businesses into the United States. U.S. authorities have used substantial energy in order to keep the drug war going and in order to make it effective. However, they've failed in most occasions, reaching the conclusion that the drug war has to be fought with all possible means. "In the United States, wholesale illicit drug sale earnings estimates range from $13.6 to $48.4 billion annually." (Cook) Mexico is now the most noteworthy country in South America that brings drugs into the U.S.

The U.S. DEA is one of the main institutions powerful enough to put an end to the Mexican drug organizations. On the other hand, it is difficult for such organizations to act without the help of the common citizen.
The war against drugs has to be fought on every front involved in the business.

Drugs cartels need guns to create chaos and their main gun supplier is none other than the U.S. The reason for the occurrence is that the U.S. has too little laws concerning the sale of assault weapons. The U.S. Border States need to have more severe gun laws that would regulate gun control. Thousands of innocent people have died from the hands of Mexican drug-related persons. It is also harder for the Mexican government to fight drug cartels that are well armed.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has demanded that the U.S. would help Mexico in the war against drugs. Calderon claims that Mexico cannot fight the drug cartels while U.S. citizens continue to use drugs. According to Calderon, the cartels constantly murder people that choose to stand in their way. (Rick Pedraza)

Presumably, the U.S. government intends to launch a military operation in Mexico that would destroy the drug industry. President Calderon though, is not fond of the concept, and suggests that it would be more effective for the U.S. To control the states near the Mexico border. The Mexican President is also aware that U.S. President Barack Obama cannot consider the Mexican drug war to be a top U.S. priority as the U.S. already has to fight the newly appeared economic crisis. (Pedraza)

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