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Essay Instructions: arguement & counter arguement paper on U. S. drinking age Keep at age 21 or lower to age 18
need two position papers (3) pages each position on two sides of a debatable topic with each one paper commenting on the other. For each paper, invent a strong thesis, pick a persona, decide on a stategy of arguement, and write with particular attention to style. Give each persona a name, an occupation, a geographic location, and a strong perspective to argue in words. Each position can offer a new point of view or can develop complexity about an issue. Format project to a reading audience.Need at least 2 sources for each position paper. Apa style , with Title at least 6 pages long excluding title, and reference page. Follow Toulmin's method for arranging arguements

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Essay Instructions: the essay instructions is provided in the first uploaded document where the topic ( lowering the drinking age in the united states) information is provided in the second uploaded document. I also uploaded a sample document for more help.

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Title: Shoul d the drinking age be lowered

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1490 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Write a PERSUASIVE essay on Should the drinking age be lowered? In the begining you must make an assertion(thesis statement), Open with a clear explanation of the controversy. Acknowledge the other sides in the paper to show you are informed. Do not distort or exagerate. Use proper format for a persuasive paper in thi order---1.INTRO, 2.CONCESSION/REBUTAL, 3.PROOF(longest section) use proof in increasing order of importance for purpose(build it up), and 4. CONCLUSION. Look up atleast 4 sources for the topic both pro and con. Include these sources on works cited page and use in text citations. Assume the audience is hard to please and convince audience your argument is right, use a reasonable tone. Appeal rationally use LEGITIMATE facts and quotes, examples, and testimoies of experts. Appeal ethically, and appeal emotionally, stir up the audiences feelings. Finish with a call to action!

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Title: lowering drinking age

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2161 Bibliography: 6 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Find two research articles from academic journals or other legitimate research agencies about the impact of lowering the drinking age on DUI and accidents caused by DUI, and compare and contrast what the articles say about the topic. Also critique the research that was used to draw those conclusions. The MAIN idea is to either find two articles that come to different conclusions about the same topic OR two articles that use markedly different methodologies on the same topic.

Review the articles on this issue/policy and talk about what the researchers are concluding about the topic. Talk about how success and failure are measured in the articles, as well as the methodology: did one study use 30 participants while another study used 4,000? Is one treatment program more successful than another? Which study is “better research” in your opinion and why? Importantly, whether or not your research articles mention it, make sure to discuss whether the results are in accordance with other research studies on the topic (i.e. they have found similar results) or whether the study has found something completely new. This type of info will most likely be discussed in your article’s discussion section. Be as specific as you can—specific points make stronger arguments!

Also include within your discussion of the articles a section on “avenues for further research.” Tell us, based on your two articles, what type of study should be done next in your area of interest. How should the results of the articles you found be applied to future research?

The paper should be organized as if you were writing a research brief to another researcher or a policy agency. You may use section headers and/or Roman numerals in order to organize your arguments if you like. Your arguments should be convincing, not just informative. Your paper should likely include the following sections:

I. Introduction – generally 1 to 1 ½ pages

II. Methods – what you did (gathered articles, where you found them, info about the studies and their research methods here)

III. Results – your analysis of the research/results of the two articles you are comparing (how they came to those conclusions, what is good/bad about the research, criticisms/commendations you have, why one result or methodology might be superior to the other, etc.)

IV. Discussion – your overall views on the topic and research, conclusions we can draw as researchers and public policy analysts from the studies, avenues for further research

V. Conclusion

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