U.S. Drinking Age stay at 21 or be lowered to 18?

The 26th amendment, on July 1, 1971 was passed which dropped the least age to vote from twenty one to eighteen years old (Madison, 2006). Soon after the amendment was approved twenty nine states all over the nation began bringing down their drinking age from 21 to 18 years of age. This new freedom for young adults did not last long, by 1984 the Uniform Drinking Age Act was then passed. The Uniform Drinking Age Act was what forced all the states to put the drinking age back to twenty one years old. This was done by decreasing the federal transportation funding, for every state that did not have a minimum drinking age of 21 (Johnson, 2008). As a police officer living in Orlando, Florida, I object lowering the age.

A lot of the arguments to bring down the...
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