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Title: Double Standards in U.S. and U.S. owned industry abroad

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Essay Instructions: Here's the goal stated explicitly on the assignment sheet:
Examine a topic of your choice as long as it is directly realted to a ethical, political and/or social asepct of business.

And I have handed in my research paper topic beforehand. Here's the complete version of my topic.

[ My research topic for this class would be to examine the double standards that U.S. corporates hold in their home industries and those abroad (mostly in less developed countries) and its impact on the society, mainly on the environment and labor standards.
As we all know, U.S. corporations have been relocating many of their businesses to third-world countries in order to save labor costs. But the labor standards in the U.S. and in the less developed countries are hugely different, and a few issues arise. Can the exploit of cheap or child labor be justified in the LDCs? It it realistic for U.S. firms abroad to follow the same standards in their home countries? Is it morally acceptable for the U.S. corporations to export their ?dirty businesses?? Do they have a responsibility in preserving the environment in LDCs?
In my paper, I will try and present a balanced argument first, then take a stand on the issue (in my case, I am in support of exporting business to LDCs).]

I e-mailed to my professor about my topic, asking for opinions. Here's his reply to me

["hi, this topic seems fine.?remember, nobody has any problem with cheap labor(aside from us workers), but rather unsafe/inhumane working conditions.?also the environmental issue seems interesting as well. don't forget that it's possible for you to take a side of allowing businesses to move their operations abroad but claiming they have a duty
to uphold some sort of standard, regardless of whether the foreign or domestic country have laws or not.?the topic doesn't necessarily seem too broad, just spell out the cases for and against holding corporations to standards which are more stringent in the foreign country, and also the cases for and against whether the corporations of richer countries have an obligation to help raise environmental standards above the local regulation.]

A couple of things that I would like to clarify about the paper:

1) As my class is actually an Ethics class, it is important that the paper is presenting an ethical dilemma in the case that I am arguing. Let's just say, for example, that it's not appropriate to argue that a corportation broke the law and that means they're immoral, but it is appropriate to argue that a corporation broke the law but the law itself is immoral or controversial, and thus comes the debate.

2) Although it is a "research paper" for my class, the research part is not the most important element of the paper but rather than the ethical dilemma (as mentioned above) brought forth by the case I'm examining. Therefore, it is not really neccessary for this paper to be a research-heavy paper, but rather a paper with a balanced argument. Sources could be as minimal as figures and/or factual data to support my case. But of course this is just my suggestion and its your call on what sources to use.

3) One last thing is that my professor is actually a very "econ" person as he always talk to us in class with lots of terms in economics. So I think it wouldn't hurt if my paper would be just a little bit "economic-like" to suit his taste.

4) If there's anything that needs to be further clarified, please e-mail me and let me know. Thanks a lot.

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Title: William Sea's article Advertising Sets a Double Standard for the Male Gender

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Essay Instructions: Read William Sea's article "Advertising Sets a Double Standard for the Male Gender." This essay deals with Sea's belief that advertisers create misleading notions of masculinity in advertisements. You should write an essay describing what you believe Sea's argument is and either agreeing or disagreeing with his conclusions based on the content of several advertisements featuring images of masculinity. You can use any ads that you desire; however, ads that are either similar (but not the same) or clearly very different from those mentioned in the article would be most helpful. You should discuss at least two ads in the essay.

You will have to develop a clear thesis statement for your essay. A thesis statement is not simply stating whether or not you agree. A good thesis statement for this paper will state Sea's views and give your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with them, for example, "The depiction of men given in advertisements for Ford trucks and Coca-Cola both suggest that Sea is correct when he discusses the idea of a metro-sexual backlash."

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Title: Hooking up dating

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Essay Instructions: Reading 11 in the Skolnick text describes the changing social norms surrounding the initial formation of intimate relationships. Describe the differences between "hooking up" and dating. Then summarize at least three reasons why "hooking up" has replaced college dating. Is this a surprise to you or have you found this to be the usual channel for couples to begin a relationship. Have you experienced a double standard in the expectations for men and women? If so, do you think the double standard will continue? (3 pages)

Hi Kelvin, Do you have access to the Skolinick text? I will provide the pages for you on the 25th. This is the second of 4 short assignments.An interesting topic.
There are faxes for this order.

Customer is requesting that (researchpro) completes this order.

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Title: Whitman, Alcott, Harper

Total Pages: 2 Words: 930 Sources: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: What themes do these 4 passages have in common? What interests you that you found thats similar between them? Are there any major similarities between them?

The 4 passages are : Crossing Brooklyn Ferry by Walt Whitman, Work: A story of experience, The Deliverance, and A Double Standard.

I will paste the readings after i submit the order.

If you have any questions please ask.

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