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Title: Disability and Society In Scotland UK

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Essay Instructions: Disability and Society In Scotland, UK


Assess the extent to which this statement represents an accurate picture of disabled people's lives in present day Scotland: "the more things change, the more they remain the same".

The assignment MUST contain an analysis of:

? theoretical perspectives on disability and impairment
? the changes in legislation/policy/professional practice over the past 10 years in Scotland
? the value base of disability studies
? the promotion of disabled people's diverse voice
? the involvement of disabled people in steps towards full citizenship

Please use:
Swain,J ed (2004) Disabling Barriers ??" Enabling Environments, Second Edition, Sage Publications if available.

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Title: Special Education Movie Review

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Essay Instructions: Disability in Society

These two assignments will allow students to analyze how society experiences “disability” as it is portrayed in film and as perceived and experienced by families in day-to-day situations with a child with a disability. Additional information on these two assignments is provided as attachments to this syllabi.

Film Analysis

Summary of film
• Provide a full reference (APA style) for your film.
• Provide a short summary of the plot and a description of the major disability issues addressed in the film.
• Describe any character or role that that epitomizes the issue(s) being addressed?

Critique of the film:
Answer the following questions (number each response) to report your analysis (your thoughts and reflections). Write each section heading and then fully answer in paragraph format.
1. Emotional Response: Describe your emotional, intellectual and behavioral responses. For example, how did this movie make you feel or think? What did you want to do after viewing the film?
2. Portrayal: Explain whether the person(s) with a disability was portrayed as ordinary people, as superhuman, or were they stereotyped. For example, were they viewed as
• an object of pity (someone to feel sad or sorry for, less fortunate)
• a burden or in need of charity (needing help)
• a menace or an object of dread (feared, scary, made you/others anxious)
• an object of ridicule (humorous, silly, laughable)
• subhuman (less than human, a “vegetable”, animal like, defective)
• sick (diseased, something “wrong”)
• holy innocent (with a special protection from God, without the ability to understand evil)
• sexual deviate (sexual pervert or asexual)
3. Filmmaking: What do you think the filmmaker was trying to say about people with disabilities? (Were there values or stereotypes that the filmmaker subtly or not so subtly, reinforced?) Give examples to support your interpretation of the filmmaker’s intention. If this film reported on historical discrimination, do you think this discrimination is still present today?
4. Images: Discuss how the story line included images in how the person(s) with a disability were portrayed. For example, were they portrayed as having
• inherent strengths
• expectations (Did they have dreams? Were they allowed or encouraged to “dream”? Were they supported in achieving these dreams?)
• relationships (Did they have personal connections to others: friends, family, others in their lives
• positive contribution (Did they contribute to their family, circle of friends, community, school, job, etc.?)
• full citizenship (Were they seen as worthy and having the same rights and opportunities to participate “in the American life” as others?)
• choices (Were they allowed / encouraged to have some direction in their own lives? Have and express preferences? Was self-determination promoted?)
5. Class discussion: What has been discussed in class about people who are “different” from the norm (or are “at risk”) that ties into this movie? What connection can you make to what you've experienced or learned?
• Do you think other people (who have not had this class) would have a more positive attitude about people with disabilities after viewing this film? Why or why not?
6. Cultural Response: What did you learn about our culture's way of responding to people with differences?
• Did you watch this movie with someone else? If so, who? What were their perceptions of the portrayal of diversity in this film?
To receive a high grade, your writing can have only minor errors in writing mechanics, including spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Good sentence and paragraph construction should be present. People first language should be used.
Do NOT submit your answers in Ariel narrow font. Thank you!

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Title: Disability Research Assignment

Total Pages: 2 Words: 580 Sources: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Disability Research Assignment
Select one of the following disability categories: ADHD, Autism/PDD, Emotional Behavioral Disorder, or Specific Learning Disability. Conduct web-based research to provide the following: Begin the paper by listing five websites that provide information
related to the topic you have chosen. Write a 2 to 5 sentence description of what each website offers (five websites, five descriptions). After describing each website, begin the body of your paper. Please include the following sections:
• A description of the disorder, including defining characteristics (what does the disorder look like, who is most likely to be diagnosed with the disorder, etc.).
• Summarize what the research states about the etiology of the disorder.
• Talk about classroom accommodations/modifications for the disorder (what can you do as a teacher to help a student with this disorder function better in your classroom).
Write the paper as though you are preparing a summary sheet for parents and co-workers. The information should be informative and clearly written. If you only use information found on the five listed websites, you will not need to reference any other resources. If you pull information from other references, cite them at the end of the paper in APA formatting.

-You Choose whatever disability is easiest for you.

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Title: Left Achilles Tendon Rupture Surgery and a Broken Right Wrist

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Essay Instructions: Disability Project/Essay

You are to pick a physical/diagnosis (ortho/neuro) which you will experience for a
morning or afternoon.

My disability for this paper is:
I have a ruptured Achilles tendon on my left foot and it is in a plaster cast. I also have a broken right wrist which is also in a plaster cast. I will be using a walker to move around with and this walker will have the capability of supporting my broken right wrist.

You must go out into the community with this disability and try to perform some facet of your usual daily activity ego Shopping, banking, going to the post office, laundry, eating out, driving to work, even work if they permit it etc. You must then write a paper on your experience.

Spelling and grammar will be evaluated as well as your content and detailed answers to specific questions. Be specific and provide details. No abbreviations are to be used.

1. What diagnosis/disability did you choose to experience and why did you choose this
particular disability? Be specific about why and exactly what the disability entails.

I have a ruptured Achilles tendon on my left foot and it is in a plaster cast. I also have a broken right wrist which is also in a plaster cast. I will be using a walker to move around with and this walker will have the capability of supporting my broken right wrist. I choose this disability because a friend of mine currently is using a walker after Achilles tendon surgery. Since we are in the winter months I thought I would add the fact that I may have slipped on the ice and fallen and broken my right wrist. To have these two disabilities to cope with at the same time would be a tremendous hardship and worthy topic for this essay.

2. Describe the typical limitation, restrictions and challenges you would expect such an
individual to have PRIOR to your experiment. Then tell me how you simulated the
disability. Be specific!!! Do you feel you created a realistic simulation? Was your
simulation realistic why or why not?

3. Describe, in detail, the physical and environment barriers that you came across as you
performed your daily activities. How did you cope with them? Were you able to
overcome them? What allowed you to overcome these barriers?

4. Describe, in detail, any psychosocial barriers that you experienced. Did family and
friends treat you any differently? How did strangers react to you? How did you cope
with these barriers?

5. What did you learn from this experience?

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