Emotional Behavioral Disorder Disability Research Research Paper

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The established pattern of emotional or behavioral responses must adversely affect educational or developmental performance, including intrapersonal, academic, vocational, or social skills; be significantly different from appropriate age, cultural, or ethnic norms; and be more than temporary, expected responses to stressful events in the environment. The emotional or behavioral responses must be consistently exhibited in at least three different settings, two of which must be educational settings, and one other setting in either the home, child care, or community. The responses must not be primarily the result of intellectual, sensory, or acute or chronic physical health conditions (ASEC, 2005).

Etiology of EBD

Identification of exact causes of EBD is complex. A variety of possible reasons exist. Although each explanation may have some validity, no single reason can be pinpointed as the cause.
The known potential causes of EBD are divided into two categories, biological and environmental. Biological refers to physical, medical, and genetic factors. Biological causes include genetic influences, neurological impairment (brain damage), nutrition, and physical health. Environmental causes involve conditions and experiences with family, school and community. Children who are exposed to unhealthy conditions are thought to be more susceptible to emotional problems. It is important to recognize that parents and families do not always cause children's problems, however they do have a significant influence and in some cases EBD can be attributed to environmental influences (Zionts, Zionts, & Simpson, 2002).

Implications for the Classroom

Many students with EBD display both.....

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