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Title: diet

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Essay Instructions: I need Three Day diet plan to loss weight Including:brekfast,snack1, lunch,snack2, diner with nutrition analysis for each day
nutrition analysis can be in table.

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Title: McDonalds Diet Plan

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Essay Instructions: (Could I have WRITERGIRL complete this assignment?)

It is the third week of the Brainstorming Conference on the McDonalds Diet Plan with Merab Morgan and the discussion turns toward Core Strategy. In five to six paragraphs,

State your core strategy (which includes the Value Proposition and Product Positioning).

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Title: Calorie Diet Plans

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Essay Instructions: This essay should be two pages maximum, double spaced, 12 pt, and 1 inch margins. Essays are to be written in Microsoft Word.

Behavior is a key factor to our health. We are always learning new behaviors and updating or modifying our old behaviors. The choices we make are important; some are especially important during special times of our lives, such as during pregnancy or after illnesses. This week we will examine the variety of diets "approved" by many physicians and dietitians. Current information not only includes health fact but also behavioral modifications. First examine the links provided and then write an essay to fully answer the questions below.

Web Research:

Go to

* Choose Position Papers > Nutrition Management > Weight Management.
* Read the section on Interventions.

Go to

* Enter the search words "low calorie diets".
* Read several of the articles found.

Go to

* Enter the search words "sample reduced calorie menus" to view eating plans for a very low calorie diet.

Go to for a list of healthful low-calorie, low-fat alternatives to common favorite foods.

Writing Assignment:

Analyze two low calorie diet plans by answering the following questions:

1. What is a low calorie diet (LCD)?
2. Is it different from a very low calorie diet (VLCD)?
3. Does a person need medical supervision while trying either of these approaches?
4. Who are the candidates for either of these diets?
5. What are the potential benefits of such an eating plan?
6. Are there potential risks?
7. Is this a long term plan? What is the ultimate goal for a person who is on a LCD or a VLCD plan?
8. What are some of the challenges in maintaining healthful eating habits while adhering to either of these diets?

For additional information:

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Essay Instructions: Topic: Research one popular or not so popular diet plan. Submit a basic description, positive, and potential health risks. Explain weather or not you think diet will work for you. Try to stay a way from the "big ones" like Zone, Atkins or South Beach unless you have a genuine interest.

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