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Title: Dental Hygiene

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Essay Instructions: I am applying to the Dental Hygiene Program at Howard University. This is a 'letter of interest' meaning a letter explaining why I am applying for the hygiene program. I have something in mind already. I want it to talk about the happiness being a Dental Hygienist bring. I also want this letter to have talk something about the school, Howard University. Also, please write this letter of interest in a very articulate way.

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Essay Instructions: Read the following article:

Agado, B. & Bowen, D, (2011). Periodontal disease and respiratory disease: A systematic review of the evidence. Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene, 46 (2), 103 - 114.

> Write a 1,200 word paper analyzing key elements of the article

> Discuss the article's potential impact on clinical practice

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Title: Lupus

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Essay Instructions: Research must be current(within 5 years)and can include journal articles, websites, and textbooks. Includes a description of Lupus, symptoms, prescription meds frequently taken and the systems of the body affected. Discuss oral ramifications of Lupus and include changes to the soft and hard tissues of the mouth and the effect of the Rx medication. Address the effect of the medical condition in the modification of dental hygiene treatment, any contraindications for using ultrasonics or air powder polishing. Address the modification of oral hygiene home care instruction, including the use of fluorides, mouthrinses, and saliva substitutes.

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Essay Instructions: create an outline for a presentation that communicates the trends that will affect your industry (the career path you?ve chosen-Dental Hygiene) in the next five to ten years. Make sure to create a complete, relevant, and effective attention getter; include complete transitions between the main points; and wrap up with a memorable conclusion.

Your submission must be at least 2 pages in length EXCLUDING REFERENCES, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1 inch margins; don?t forget your references need to be provided in APA format.

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