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Title: Database Security

Total Pages: 9 Words: 2424 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This Final Project Paper must be a technical paper on Database Security topic using knowledge gained in the course. A general paper written for the common IT user or general reader is NOT acceptable. I am providing links to the e-book and uploading the annotated Bibliography and Project outline.

The Paper Topic must be the one approved earlier

It must follow the Paper Outline submitted earlier

It must utilize the Annotated Bibliography submitted earlier

your references must be formatted according to APA Guidelines

you must use all 5 sources supplied as Annotated Bibliography sources

these sources should be from industry articles, journals, academic and professional textbooks, and case studies

you may NOT use Wikipedia or Webopedia as a reference

The Project Paper

must be 10 pages ??" with full APA formatting that will follow a conventional report format (introduction, abstract (optional), body, conclusion, and references) must accompany an acceptable originality report with your paper (10% maximum overall match with no single source above 1%)

The Final Project must be a technical paper on Database topics that have been pre-approved by the instructor, using knowledge gained in the course. A general paper written for the common IT user or general reader is not acceptable.

Again I will provide a link for ebook and Outline and Bibliography

There are faxes for this order.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: The purpose of this research paper is to design a secure, scalable, and responsive database security plan and requirements definition document for a system of your choice. Your chief security officer has given you the assignment of defining, developing, and documenting a database security policy and plan for your databases. This document shall define who is responsible for security in your organization and what authority is granted to that person in the advent of a security breach. Additionally, policies and procedures should be defined and documented that outline the daily administrative tasks, definition of security rules and methods, and the enforcement of those rules. Your job is not to implement the requirements but to define what the requirements are and to document them. While working on your project, assume the roles of the chief security officer, database designer, database administrator, and chief applications designer.
All additional information concerning this paper can be found in the attached document.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: I am planning to design an online membership and payment management system on the web.
It will have a back-end and a frond-end. The back end will be using Microsoft S SQL server 2000 for my database.(You can write here about SQL injection, etc. My front ?end I will be using is Microsoft Visual Studio c# .net.

my research topics is: Database security (how to implement security mechanism protecting sensitive and critical information when they are reachable through http)


The structure can be something like this:

1. Introduction
2. The goal of Security
3. Physical Security
4. Identify threats
4.1 Hardware
4.2 Software
4.3 Communication Network
4.4 Concurrency
4.5 Malicious Attack
4.6 User errors

5. Security Mechanisms to protect a database
5.1 Integrity
5.2 Authorisation Access Controls and Authentication
5.3 View
5.4 Concurrency Control
5.5 Audit Tracking
5.6 Encryption
5.7 Backup & Recovery
5.8 SQL Injection

6 Web Securities
6.1 Firewall
6.2 SSL
6.3 ???..

7. Conclusion
8.Critical Evaluation

9. Reference

These are examples write whatever is appropriate for the research topic

PLEASE TRY to make it simple and easy English structure so I can understand
Try and get different opinion and ideas form different authors

USE minimum 15 reference
Reference from academic journals, books and other useful resources. It would be best if you can find good academic journals.

THIS ARE same websites to help you find same journals

If you type in Google: Improving web Application security from Microsoft
You can Download
Download Improving Web Application Security from the Download Center in .pdf format.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Database security and SQL injection

Total Pages: 1 Words: 364 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Read the following two articles:

Consider the following positions in an organization:

Top management
Senior IT Management
Database Administrator
Database Designer
Database User

How familiar do people in these positions need to be with regard to database security generally and to particular issues like SQL injection? In your job, how are you or have you been affected by database security? (Be sure to specify what sort of position/relationship you have to a database.)

Excerpt From Essay:

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