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Title: Origin of Species

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Essay Instructions: Darwin--a moderately devout man himself, although increasingly doubtful as he grew older--well knew that Origin of Species would be attacked upon various grounds, especially for its supposed impiety. In what ways do you see Darwin anticipating a less than receptive audience, an audience that will feel its traditional beliefs are being challenged? You might consider not only the sequence of chapters (why does he begin with domestic or artificial selection?), but also specific passages (e.g., the famous "Tree of Life" passage on page 74 or the concluding passage on pages 120-121). How do you account for Darwin's fairly frequent recourse to adjectives such as "wonderful" or "beautiful" when speaking of adaptations? Do not simply answer these questions one after another; I’m offering them as brainstorming tools to help you get ideas, not as paint-by-numbers questions that you “fill in” in your actual paper. You need to devise your own thesis about Darwin’s book (not just Darwin himself or evolutionary theory), and select suitable quotes. Ideally, your paper should show that you understand 1) the relationship of Darwin's theory to the intellectual currents of the historical period in which he was writing (read the lecture notes!), 2) Darwin's basic argument in his book, and 3) the strategic or rhetorical ways in which he conveys his argument in his book. Again, do not just mechanically “answer” the previous 1,2,3: the basic goal is to show you understand how Darwin’s specific book??"the content of the treatise and the way he presents that content--relates to and responds to its intellectual/cultural context.

Again, ponder stages of analysis, including historical context. Your paper might not even begin talking about Darwin or his book per se (except for your intro., until page three or so).

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Essay Instructions: Reading: Western civilization
Charles Darwin, The Origin of the Species and the Descent of Man
Emmanuel Kant''The idea for a Universal History with Cosmopolitan Intent.
WHEN answering the question please support your answers with quotes/ or details.
Explain Darwing's theory of Natural Selection.
2.Compare and contrast the role ''competiveness''plays in Darwin theory with the role antagonism ''plays in Kant's.
3.According ,what is the origin of the human species? Why is his account so controversial (two reasons)

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Title: Darwins Metaphor The Survival of the Fitest

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Essay Instructions: Respond to this:

Most people assume an obvious rightness of their world view. A good example of how realities are created through the manipulation of language and metaphors is found in the application of "Darwin's metaphor," the idea that life, or whatever, is a struggle in which on the 'fit' survive. This metaphor has at times been applied directly or indirectly to aspects of Canadian or American life. Explain how examples of this metaphor are incorporated in social proactices so as to make it seem that it is a correct interpretation of reality.

Read Chapter 4 of Robbins and Larkin, ensure you understand world views and metaphors, and then find on your own applicable examples.

- please use Robbins and Larkin if you are able to, if not please use simple examples (and then elaborate) of how darwains metaphor is incorporated in social proactices ....
This assignment is to be no more then 1 page (300) words long.... and a bibliography is not necessary, however if quotations are used, citations need to be put into place

Robbins, R., and Sherrie Larkin. 2007. Cultural Anthropology: A Problem-Based Approach. First
Canadian Edition. Toronto: Nelson. (is what should be used if possible)

again if this text can not be used (unfortuanately i have no way of sending it) then that is fine, however please try to answer the question as best as you can, using simple concepts and then elaborating. (everyday examples would be key)

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Title: Darwins Children

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Essay Instructions: Essay on Darwins Children by Greg Bear.
1) One page summary, synopsis of the book, including some information ont author. The summary should be written from a sociological point of view, with an attention to how different groups of people interact and how they differ from current society.

2) At least one page essay or explaination of how this book could be used in teaching/learning sociology. This can be approached from a student's point of view- what in the book would help you as a student to understand sociological concepts and sociological thinking better, with specific examples included. Or you may also imagine you are teaching sociology and wanting to incorporate the book in your course. How would accomplish this, which part of the course, which unit would you use this book in?

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