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Title: literature

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Essay Instructions: Daisy Miller:A Study-create my own thesis and topic of this story and prove it in the essay
Don''t compare or use another work.
No use of other sources.
University Style Guide.
Purpose of the paper is to provide a critical interpretation of story.
Define thesis clearly and directly in introductory paragraph
Also define what will be demonstrated and proved in the paper
Say what paper will demonsrate, proceed through the story, one episode at a time until you reach the conclusion.
Do not jump around from one part of the story to another
Let the disscusion of the conclusion form the conclusion of the paper.
Make sure the grammer, rhetorical prose style,mechanics, and manuscipt form of the paper and clear and understandable.
Good organization and coherence.

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Title: symbolism in Daisy Miller

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Essay Instructions: Daisy Miller - Henry James

Write an essay that argues for the theme of for one of the literary works we have already discussed up to the deadline for this essay by using one or two of the elements of fiction: diction, imagery, symbolism, setting, characters, structure, tone, style, and/or point of view. Please do not attempt to use all the elements in your essay; choose only what you need to justify your claim. Secondary resources are not required for this essay??"I would like to know what your position is without the influence of other scholars. However, if you use secondary sources, they need to be documented according to MLA guidelines.

Please remember that in the context of our class, theme is not just an idea, but a statement about an idea--a thematic statement if you like.

Expectations and Standards: 1.Length: 3 to 4 pages of essay text.
2.Support thesis with documented evidence in the form of quotations, paraphrases, and summaries from the primary source.
3.Follow all MLA guidelines.
4.Include a work cited page listing the primary text.
5.Use Standard English.
6.Conform to description of an excellent essay provided below.

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Title: Daisy Miller

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Essay Instructions: The professor wants a 4 page essay on the novel "Daisy Miller". The topic is how female sexuality is represented in the book describing the madonna/whore complex. The only quotes needed are directly from the book. Either 2 or 3 quotes are necessary.

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Title: An important passage or scene

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Essay Instructions: Choose a passage or scene from the early part of Daisy Miller, by Henry James, that you think is critical to some type of development occuring later, such as theme. Explain why you think the passage is important or crucial. Essentially, you are to explain clearly and fully why a reader should pay vey close attention to this passage or scene. Again, don't just say it is important; give me specific reasons why it is important. You can give a normal 5 paragraph essay or you can think beyond the 5 para. essay for. You must use present tense consentently. Please give the authors full name and title of the book in the first or second sentence of the introduction. You must have a thesis, a main, or controling idea. Must have complete paragraphs and numbered pages. Also, the conclusion is important. Rather than summarizing what you have written earlier, it should deal with the implications of what you have discussed in the body paragraphs of the essay.

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