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Essay Instructions: (Jameson (2007) has defined geography as one of the possible components of cultural identity needed for cross cultural communication in global business. Discuss how a company might take this component into account in managing their business.) that is my topic for this essay..

in this essay that wil talk about the how a global business managine the different cultural in their business. this essay will focus on geography cultural and it can be seperate into foru part.
and there is a article must be used in this essay..

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Title: co op Acceptance essay

Total Pages: 1 Words: 305 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I want to apply for a co-op, in order to get acceptance in this program is to write an essay about the following:

1- Identify the skills that I hope to develop: (The following is a summery for the skill that I want to develop)

I want to develop an effective cross cultural communication skill. Furthermore, I believe in order to rich a high management level, is to have the ability to deal with multi cultures environments because the whole world is going in the direction of globalization. Although, working in USA considered as an American experience, yet for me it’s much more than that because the American culture is totally different than Middle Eastern culture, and that’s the break through point in the whole idea, working with international culture. Dealing with different culture on a daily basis will benefit me to understand different points of view, and expand my knowledge in American business from cultural side and business side.

2- include three specific job positions I have interest in.
(I am interested in any Job in the HR filed, specifically: recruitment- training and development)

3- In the Essay I need to justify my eligibility for the jobs I am applying for: The following are some information about me that you can use in writing this part:

I have 8 month work experience as Recruitment Analyst, I was responsible for:
- Responsible for company-wide recruitment procedures, which include preparations of
job announcements, employment contracts, candidate interview process and
candidate evaluation guidelines.

Note: (I am an MBA student with constriction in Organizational leadership)

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