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Essay Instructions: Critique of a literature review (Stevens, 2010)

Using the article by Carol J. Stevens
Obesity Prevention Interventions for Middle School age children of ethnic minority: A review of the literature
JSPN vol 15, No. 3. July 2010

Follow the guidelines below in writing this critique. Address every question. You may bullet your answers if desired rather that writing a narrative. Make sure to stay within the page limit of one page, double or single spaced (11or 12 font only).

1. Are the search strategy and search criteria clear? What is included in the search criteria?

2. Does the review rely on appropriate literature- research reports, primary sources? How do you know primary sources are used?

3. How does the author critically review the research? Does the author offer comparisons and contrasts of research findings in her review? Give an example of a comparison or contrast that she makes.

4. Does the author use appropriate language indicating tentativeness of researchy findings? Give an example.

5. What implications for clinical practice does the author suggest, based on her systematic review of the literature on the topic?

See Chapter seven of your text for detailed guidance in approaching the critique of a systematic literature review. I am using the book Essentials of Nursing Research Appraising Evidence for Nursing Practice seventh edition written by Denise f polit and Cheryl Tatano Beck

This research report should be critiqued using the guidelines i wrote above. I know you have a two page limit and I am paying for it but i only need one page please. Each guideline must be substantively and accurately addressed to recieve full credit.
The critique is expected to be concise

Thank you very much
I really need it on Sep 21st and greatly appreciate if you can make it.

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Title: hospice

Total Pages: 3 Words: 846 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Critique of Research Article(I will e-mail article to you)


Purpose-What is the purpose of the research?

Problem statement-Identify the problem under study. What is the significance of the problem to nursing? Is the relationship of the problem to previous research clear?

Review of the literature-Does the investigator summarize major findings of the literature review? What were the major findings?

Research Question-What is the research question(s)?

Hypothesis-What is the research hypothesis(es)? Is it simple or complex? Is it directional or nondirectional?

Variables-Identify the independent and dependent variables. How are the independent and dependent variables operationally defined. Are confounding variables identified? How are confounding variables controlled?

Research Design-Is this a quantitative or qualitative study? what is the research design?

Sampling-What method was used to select the sample population?

Ethical considerations-How are subjects rights protected? Were any risks present to the subjects? Were subjects aware of their participation in the study?

Data collection-What instrument was used to collect the data?

Data analysis-What methods were used to analyze the data?

Findings-What are the stated findings of the research?

Recommendations-Are recommendations made based on the research findings? Are recommendations for future investigations made?

Utilization of research findings-What are your thoughts about how and by whom this research can be used?

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Title: system of inquiry paper

Total Pages: 3 Words: 883 Sources: 1 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Critique 2 or more sections of company's code of ethics. Are those sections of the code working well or should be revised? Be specific in your recommendations. Also discuss ways you could "incentivize" the code.
here's code of ethics for hospital:

???? Compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations governing Lenox Hill Hospital and
its Affiliates.
???? Adherence to high ethical standards and use of good judgment.
???? Provision of patient care that is medically necessary and appropriate in a respectful and
dignified manner, without regard to race, color, creed, sex, ethnic origin, age, disability,
sexual orientation, source of payment, or other classification prohibited by law.
???? Recognition of the patient’s right to make informed decisions about medical treatment and
advanced directives and respect for patient choice.
???? Responsibility to protect patient privacy and confidentiality.
???? Compliance with laws and regulations relating to the provision of emergency care to patients.
???? Acceptance of patient referrals and referrals of patients without regard to the direct or
indirect payment or receipt of remuneration, based on each patient’s medical need and the
provider’s ability to render the service.
???? Adherence to legal requirements of contractual arrangements or joint ventures with
physicians .
???? Proper supervision of allied health care professionals and residents and other house staff.
???? Avoidance of improper financial incentives under managed care contracts that would result
in underutilization of medically necessary services.
???? Truthful, accurate, and legible completion of medical records, billing records, business
records and regulatory and financial reports.
???? Retention, storage and disposal of patient and business records and information in
accordance with legal and business requirements.
???? Protection and safeguarding of information created in the conduct of Lenox Hill Hospital and
its affiliates business including patient information, staff data, financial data, research data,
strategic plans, statistical information, purchasing agreements and contracts.
???? Protecting and enhancing the rights of patients by providing them access to their information
and controlling the inappropriate use of that information pursuant to the Health Insurance
Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).
???? Accurate coding and billing for medical services rendered in accordance with legal
requirements and agreements with third party payors.
???? Compliance with applicable legal, regulatory and program requirements in the preparation
and submission of claims for reimbursement and reports concerning the costs of the hospital
and its affiliates operations.
???? Avoidance of improper waivers and write-offs of patient costs.
???? Selection of supplies, vendors, contractors and consultants based upon fair, competitive
practices and objective factors including quality, price, service and delivery.
???? Avoidance of transactions that excessively benefit private individuals in contravention of
laws and regulations applicable to tax-exempt organizations.
???? Adherence to Lenox Hill Hospital policies on solicitation and acceptance of charitable
???? Compliance with laws respecting the use of intellectual property.
???? Safeguarding of proper internal financial controls in compliance with established accounting
control standards and procedures.
???? Maintain the integrity of the Hospital’s financial statements and its financial reporting
???? Avoidance of situations or conduct that may involve a conflict between personal interests and
the interests of Lenox Hill Hospital and its Affiliates.
???? Observance of laws and regulations relating to reporting, use of grant and private research
funds, audits, informed consent and reimbursement in clinical research.
???? Compliance with IRB policies, procedures and directives.
???? Integrity in the research process, avoidance of conflicts of interest, improper inducements,
and other forms of scientific misconduct.
???? Protection of the privacy of health information of research subjects.
???? Conduct of research in compliance with approved protocols.
???? Fair and respectful treatment of employees, staff and co-workers.
???? Prohibiting discrimination based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age,
citizenship status, disability or sexual orientation and prohibiting sexual harassment.
???? Compliance with environmental laws and regulations including the proper storage, handling
and disposal of hazardous material and infectious waste.
???? Proper handling and dispensation of controlled substances in accordance with applicable law.
???? Avoidance of the use of Lenox Hill Hospital and its Affiliates resources to influence the
political process.
???? Truthful and accurate marketing and advertising of medical services for educating the public,
reporting to the community and increasing awareness of the Hospital’s mission of the
Hospital and its Affiliates.
???? Compliance with rules applicable to marketing to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.
All employees and staff have a part to play in ensuring that the business of the Hospital and its
affiliates is conducted legally and ethically. All employees and staff are responsible for
performing their assigned duties in accordance with the principles of ethical and legal conduct
and are obligated to report suspected violations of laws, regulations or the Code of Ethics to their
immediate supervisors or the Compliance Officer. The Compliance Officer is responsible for
coordinating the dissemination of information on new laws or regulations that govern the
activities of the Hospital and its affiliates or information related to changes in existing laws or
regulations. All communications will reinforce the employee’s responsibility to comply with
applicable laws and policies and to report a suspected violation to the Compliance Office.
The Compliance Office may be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling: (212)
434 - 2126. The Hospital and its Affiliates prohibit any retaliation against an employee who, in
good faith, reports a question or concern about a compliance matter.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Critique The Impact of a golf course on residential property values

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1529 References: 1 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Critique of Professional Journal Article


The written critique should include a discussion of the following three clearly identified areas:

1) A Summary section (1 ½ pages) identify 2-5 major ideas, points of view, and contentions/positions of the work. This portion of the critique should provide information about the article and should help the reader of your critique understand the nature of the work under analysis.

This portion of the critique is worth 25 points.

2) Provide a Critical Analysis section (2-3 pages) of the major ideas, points of view, contentions/positions of the work that were identified in your summary section. Critical analysis informs the reader, but also evaluates and interprets the worth, utility, importance, value, excellence, distinction, truth, validity, etc. of the work. Here are some concepts to consider as you analyze the work in your critique:

•Does your analysis examine the author(s) issues and do you take a position for or against those issues; have you supported such positions through direct or indirect quotations from the author(s) and other outside research, have you thoroughly analyzed your positions by building arguments using evidence from the author(s)' text and presentation

•Have you introduced the work in your summary; have you made sure that although your reader may know what you are writing about, you have not assumed that you don't need to mention the work's title, or clearly refer to it in your critique?

•Have you started each paragraph with a topic sentence that makes a clarifying statement in support of your thesis or position(s); is the topic sentence in each paragraph followed by sentences that contain ideas, issues, points of interest that further explain, enlighten, and clarify the statement made in the topic sentence?

•Have you avoided the use of personal pronouns, the use of such phrases "I think" and "in my opinion"? Have you kept the focus on the subject of your analysis rather than on yourself, since merely identifying your opinions without support weakens them? You can express your opinions, but you should also back them up with evidence.

•Have you identified the strengths and weaknesses of the work; the value of the work; why it might be of interest currently, how it supports or contradicts other research in the field?

•Have you considered each section of the work and whether assumptions and conclusions made by the author(s) follow a logical progression?

This portion of the critique is worth 50 points.

3) Include Implications (1 ½ pages) of the article for the field of sport management and in regard to the particular interests and concerns of your degree pursuit. The implications will include final conclusions of the work with valid, supported justifications of those conclusions. You are also being asked here to relate the author(s) ideas, findings, conclusions to your own experience in the Sports Management program.

This portion of the critique is worth 25 points.


This analytical critique is to be concisely typed and not more than 5-6 pages citing any references using proper APA style. Do this when referring to the article you are critiquing, as well. The critique must be an analytical style of writing.

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