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Title: Critical Reading Summary

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Essay Instructions: Critical Reading Summary. Write a 350-word paper summarizing reading of Chapters 1, 2, and 8-11 in The Arts, Young Children, and Learning (Wright).
• Visit the Education World Web site to locate state arts standards and information on integrating them into the curriculum at

And give a critical opinion of the content. This is to be submitted in APA format with a minimum of 2-3 appropriate references to the Individual forum.

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Title: The colossus by sylvia plath

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Essay Instructions: Critical reading response(non-research) on The Colossus by Sylvia Plath. Paper needs to be my personal criticism/praise, not that of literary critics.
After reading the book what reaction did you have? Why do you think yuo reacted this way? What was the overall theme-was there one? What kind of voice did the poet have? was the voice believable? What are some underlying, or secondary themes? Was there a recurring imagery or word? Evaluate why and how the poet may have separated the poems in sections, if at all. How were all the poems unified in one book? Were they unified at all?What are some criticisms about the book? Individual poems?
Must have a thesis.
Theme and comments of entire book, but only 4 or 5 need to specifically analyzed. when you remark on anything-explain in depth why you think so. Everything must be supported by specific lines/words from poems.
Comment on sound devices, figures of speech, structure and other poetic devices.

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Title: Critical Reading

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Essay Instructions: Critical Reading

Use th internet to find the article- How Bingeing Became the New College Sport. By Barrett Seaman. Time; 8/29/2005, Vol. 166 Issue 9, p80-80, 1p, 1c

Complete the following exercises related to the Seaman article

Preview the Seaman reading assignment to identify the title of the article, the author's name, and the date and place of publication. Along with that information, include a sentence or two about what you feel you can expect from the article based on this information.
Skim the reading and note its topic and claim. Describe these in one or two sentences, also note the author's point of view.
Consider your own experience-Write one or two paragraphs (or more if you've had a lot of experience on the issue) on your own experience with the issue covered in the article. What have you seen or heard about the issue? What have you experienced? If you haven't experienced anything about the issue, write down some questions you have about the issue.
Summarize-Write a one-paragraph summary of the article.

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Title: Final Portfolio Project

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Essay Instructions: Final Project Information
You should actively anticipate your Final Project throughout the term, in the sense that the assignment will require you to construct a "Portfolio," by the end of unit 9, documenting your performance over the course of the term in achieving key course objectives. Most generally, these include the following three.
1. Analytical skill building??"How have you improved your critical reading, writing, and thinking skills.
2. Knowledge acquisition??"How well have you mastered central concepts, ideas, and perspectives in bioethics, relative to the historically conventional ethical perspectives we begin with, and to the selection of distinct bioethical controversies we address thereafter.
3. Practical application??"How well have you been able to connect course material to issues of concern in your personal or professional life.
You should anticipate responding to each of these questions with a general analysis of your performance, together with supporting evidence in the form of concrete examples from your coursework, other curricular work, and extra-curricular activities during the term.
You may complete your Final Project in either Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. It should be approximately 9 to 12 pages in length if in Word, and 15 to 20 slides in length if in PowerPoint. Please keep in mind that if you choose to use PowerPoint, the grading elements remain the same, and your grade will be determined by content and not the bells and whistles you are able to put into a visual presentation.
Additional information is available in Unit 8.
When you are ready to submit your Final Project, go to the Final Project link in Unit 9 and follow the instructions.
The final project is due on the last day of Unit 9. Your final project in this course requires you to construct a portfolio that documents your successes in achieving key class objectives.
Your portfolio will contain examples of your coursework that portray your progress in attaining three primary course goals:
1. Analytical Skill Building: Improving your critical reading, writing, and thinking skills.
2. Knowledge Acquisition: Mastering knowledge of central concepts, ideas, and perspectives connected to our study of Ethics.
3. Practical Application: Learning how to connect course material to issues you care deeply about and thoughtfully apply course material to your own life goals, decisions, and practices.
Your portfolio can also include information about your work in other areas -- for example, the work you did to achieve the personal goals you discussed in the icebreaker assignment.
You portfolio may include:
• excerpts from your papers
• examples of your reading notes
• selected Discussion or Seminar interactions
• comments from the grade book
• email interactions with the instructor
Your Portfolio Project will also require you to reflect on your progress toward course goals, including your own evaluation of your work habits, reflections on any difficulties that you faced, or any special challenges that you overcame.
The Portfolio Project may be organized as a Word document, a PowerPoint presentation, or a multimedia document or presentation. Your instructor must approve alternative formats in advance.
No matter how the project is presented (upon instructor approval), it must demonstrate use of Standard American college-level English.

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