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g. By teaching the child to sing with other people, the latent function of the exercise would be the child learning to adjust to other people and adopt to different and changing circumstances.

For the rather higher levels of Graders 9-12, in their theater classes, they are expected to learn scriptwriting, to communicate and sustain different characters, learn to interpret dramatic texts, and analyze, critique, and scrutinize the different art forms (Education World Website, 2008). At this point, one is expected to learn to have a more solid understanding of art to be able to discriminate and evaluate one art form from another. More than learning the basics of theater production, one can interpret the achievement standards as cultivating critical knowledge in the minds of students. The value of critical minds is deemed important especially when they grow old, when different options shall be laid before them, when competing motives hide behind altruistic platforms.
Theater knowledge can be seen as teaching the child that different characters exist, that the need to learn to interpret and give meanings to things is essential.

Perhaps all I have been trying to say is that the Standards was able to successfully outline the things that students are expected to learn at different stages. A successful integration to the curriculum and implementation of the Standards not only contribute to art appreciation but more importantly, it showcases and cultivates important socio-cultural values in a different, fun, and entertaining manner.


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