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Title: The crisis intervention practice session

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Essay Instructions: Write a reflective essay critiquing the practice session and discussing your use of relevant skills.
Your reflective essay should include:
An overview of the session.
A brief description of the basic strategies for crisis workers.
identification of the intervention or counselling skills you employed in the session.
An evaluation of your application of each of your skills (how well you applied the skills) including verbatim examples.
Suggestions for how to improve your application of your skills, including verbatim examples of what you could have said.
An identification of other strategies or skills that you could have used to assist your client .

1. Overview of the session provided

2. Basic principles and approaches of crisis counselling demonstrated in the session outlined

3. Counselling skills used in the session identified

4. Use of skills evaluated and verbatim examples provided

5. Suggestions made for improvement in use of the skills and verbatim examples provided

6. Appropriate coping strategies or techniques to assist the client suggested

7. Evidence of self-awareness and ability to self-reflect

8. Evidence of familiarity with relevant literature and theory

9. Evidence of integration of theory and practice

10. Appropriate introduction provided that clearly articulates the topic

11. Main ideas clearly and logically presented

12. Appropriate conclusion provided that summarises the key findings/ideas

13. Relevant literature used properly

14. First person writing style used

The crisis intervention practice session is about working with a client, a female in her 50’, who suffers from excessive alcohol use and is unable to stop drinking. The client recognises the symptoms but is still unable to control it. For this session, client arrived by herself, of own accord, frustrated with her current situation. She recognises the symptoms and is worried by her inability to control her alcohol use that affects her private and professional life as well as her family. There is a family history of alcoholism, her father and grandfather died from alcohol related diseases.
The counsellor is assisting the client in areas of ; raising her awareness as to the amount of alcohol she uses, the damage that it causes, potential consequences of long term excessive alcohol use, and then discuss and agree on a reduction plan that she would prepared to adhere to.
The counsellor in given scenario is also concentrating and work on areas of: self esteem, anger management, anxiety and possible depressive symptoms, using CBT ??" perceptual modification, relaxation techniques and solution oriented problem solving approaches, aimed at getting to the root/cause of the problem.
Client arrived for her 9am session by a car, she drove herself, and I could detect smell of alcohol on her breath. When questioned she admitted, she had to have a drink prior coming to the session, it gave her the courage that she lacked. The counsellor makes the client aware that she can’t drink and drive, and negotiate with the client that her husband has to come and pick her up.

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Title: crisis intervention

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Essay Instructions: There have been a number of major events in the last 30 years that have impacted the development of crisis intervention. Choose one event from the past 30 years and explain how crisis intervention has developed and changed due this event.

Be sure to:

Describe at least 4 stages in the development of crisis intervention (either pre- or post the event of your choosing). Provide detail and examples that illustrates each stage and its purpose.

Illustrate at least 4 ways that crisis intervention has impacted society. Be sure to explain the impact using real world examples.

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Title: ABC Model of Crisis Intervention

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Essay Instructions: Details of complete Assignment content, deliverables and rubric

In a three-page essay, you will explore the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention. Using information from the text and your own experiences if you desire, your essay should address the items listed.

Items to address:

Define the ABC Model of Crisis Intervention.
What skills must a counselor have to be successful as a crisis counselor?
During the second stage, how will you identify the problems that a client presents? Be detailed about what you will ask the client. Feel free to use the form from the textbook for the second stage.
What ethical considerations do you need to be aware of in the second stage, and why?
How will you help the client cope with his or her situation through preventive techniques?

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Title: police crisis intervention

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Essay Instructions: The goal of this Assignment is to describe the role of law enforcement officials and other front-line personnel in a crisis intervention situation, and develop a plan of action to manage the situation. Read the following scenario and the instructions for this Assignment:

As a patrol officer in your local city police department, you are dispatched to a call involving a female who is walking down the middle of a busy street. The caller of the initial complaint stated that the female was ranting and yelling at vehicles while tearing at her clothing. You arrive and observe the woman in the street yelling that the “devil” is in her shirt. She is attempting to remove her shirt by pulling at it. Traffic has ceased to move, so people are angry and have begun honking their horns and yelling out their windows. Pedestrians on the sidewalk have also stopped to stare.

The assignment will consist of two parts:

The first part will include a discussion of the role that law enforcement plays, as well as other front-line personnel, in a crisis intervention situation. What issues, plans, steps, and training should law enforcement/front-line personnel receive/utilize regarding crisis intervention? Be sure to provide examples related to the scenario.

The second part of this project will include a plan of action for the scenario. Using the textbook and internet research, design a response/plan of action for the scenario given to be utilized by law enforcement/front-line personnel when arriving on the scene.

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