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Title: Behavior Pharmacology

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1156 Sources: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Creativity, critical thinking and research, 15 entries in proper APA format, Footnotes used correctly, 5 or more headings and proper sequence, advanced vocabulary, utilization of phrmacology terminology, reference page in APA format.
Paper is on Penicillan vs. Amoxicillan in use on adults with strep throat. Which drug is more prescribed, why it''s prescribed more, what are the effects of percribing each drug. I need the pharmacodynamics of each drug as well as the pharmacokenetics. The make up of the drug, history of the drug. Any side effects of them, and if there are alternative drugs to use. Also, how is penicillan and amoxicillan related.
I need different routes of entry to the human system, which works better, how often the drugs are taken, and how it works against strep throat. Also, how the drug leaves the body and if any is left in the system. This is all under pharmaokenetics and pharmacodynamics. Also, I need to know why the drug works on strep throat.
No title page just the body of 6 pages with the footnotes, sitations, and at least 5 proper headings along with a the reference page of at least 5 sources. All in APA format.

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Essay Instructions: Consider Edward de Bono?s creative thinking hats. Consider how the creative hat you wear would shape your thought process. Think about how creativity can be used to overcome challenges.

Chose a product or service with which most people would be familiar. This should be something that most people would use regularly.
? For your chosen product or service, identify a challenge with creativity which might affect further innovation.
? Select one of the six hats and use that technique to make several recommendations on how you would overcome the challenge.

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Title: Write a Persuasive your views an emotional appeal essay about Why Creativity is Important

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1012 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Instructions
Assignment: Write a Persuasive [your viewsâ€"an emotional appeal] essay about Why Creativity is Important.

Length: 3 pages

References: "On Creativity" Essaysâ€"incorporate "quotes" from these essays to support your essay’s thesis. Make sure you introduce the essay and the author when using a quote.

Format: MLA. Correct margins, font size, headings are important!


Thesis: The key idea that controls the focus of your essay.

Development: Develop your essay by creating paragraph ideas that prove your thesis.

Direction: Clear paragraph topic ideas that support your thesis. These ideas should be arranged to build towards your conclusion.

Details: examples…examples…examples. â€A"QUOTE” from the readings… that support your paragraph topic ideas.

A ESSAY: Few, if any, mechanical errors in format, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Its purpose/thesis/controlling idea is clear, it is organized well, and all ideas are supported with pertinent detail. An A paper expresses independent thought with clarity and force.

B ESSAY: More shortcomings than an A paper. For example, a B paper may have too many mechanical errors, occasional monotony of expression, lack of originality, and some ambiguity of purpose.

C ESSAY: A satisfactory effort, but remains routine in effect. Mechanical errors, uninteresting details, adequate to inadequate examples, and unoriginal thinking appear in the paper.

D ESSAY: A soft F. Unsatisfactory work. Weak form and content with unclear focus/purpose/thesis. Poor organization. Mechanical errors are frequent. Sentence patterns are poor. Examples/supporting details are inadequate.

F ESSAY: Similar shortcomings to a D paper but more severe.

Note: Two answers that have the same number of words (content), the one with 2-3 "quotes" will generally receive the higher grade. Very short answers with no quotes are not A grades -- usually they are C grades. Answers that are organized effectively, using separate paragraphs and or numbers and or word transitions generally receive higher grades. "Large content" answers usually receive higher grades, sometimes even additional points.

Write a Persuasive [your views”an emotional appeal] essay about Why Creativity is Important.

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Title: Creativity

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2386 Bibliography: 8 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I would like to use HopHead for this assignment. Need 1 page answers for each of the following questions in essay form with one citation per question. Please separate essay answers among questions.

1. Both Gardner and Csikszentmihalyi view creativity as an attribute that is manifested by individuals over a relatively long and productive career, and they are reluctant to ascribe it to someone who produces only a single noteworthy achievement and then, suddenly and inexplicably, retires from further creative work of any kind. (Indeed both theorists point out that most creative people seem to have a will or need to create and thus continue producing in their creative field whether they enjoy financial or critical success or not.) Does this seem a fair and reasonable observation? Or in your view do those who cease to be productive after an initial triumphant success also merit being called creative? Please support your answer by citing at least one example or counter-example.

2. According to Csikszentmihalyi’s research, most people find the periods during which they are most actively creative to be very positive and self-rewarding. Respondents have described these flow episodes as almost trancelike and euphoric periods in which awareness crystallizes, distractions are blotted out, fears of failure melt away, and self-consciousness seems to disappear. How do these descriptions compare with the accounts of peak creativity reported by Nietzsche, Coleridge, or any other of the commentators on the creative process that we have studied?

3. According to Howard Gardner’s theory of “multiple intelligences,” persons who are creative in one domain can often be mediocre (or even deficient) in others. He cites the example of Albert Einstein, who was prodigious in math and physics (and very capable in music and writing), but who was a habitual loner and mental voyager who lacked good interpersonal skills. What is your view? Do you think people who are highly creative in the domain of science or mathematics (or who have strong logical-spatial imaginations) tend to less capable in other domains (e.g., interpersonal, civic leadership, etc.)? Please support your answer with at least two examples or counter-examples.

4. According to Csikszentmihalyi’s theory of “flow,” when a person is working at peak creativity, he or she becomes rapt in a state of keen attention during which work seems effortless and the minutes and hours seem to glide by. How does this claim compare with Poincaré’s theory that creative breakthroughs typically occur in a sequence of stages and over an extended period of time and usually involve both conscious and unconscious mental activity?

5. Briefly summarize the main principles and assumptions of evolutionary psychology and give an example of how EP explains a particular human activity or skill (e.g., language acquisition, mapping and visual imagination, violent behavior, ideas of beauty, etc.).

6. Briefly explain what neuroscience has learned about the structure or function of various parts of the brain as they relate to logical ability, mathematical proficiency, or musical aptitude.

7. Complex games like chess and poker might be considered “creative” because they offer many opportunities for risky, unconventional, or even counter-intuitive play (e.g., “sacrifices” in chess; bluffing in poker). Since computer programs like Deep Blue, Fritz, and Rybka (world-class chess engines) and Poky (a less powerful but still capable poker program) can play these games at an advanced level and use daring and often unexpected (and even unpredictable and highly original) strategies while doing so, is it fair to call these programs “creative”?

8. Do you think cognitive science and AI can eventually provide a basically accurate and useful model of how the creative mind works? Or will the creative process always remain to a certain extent mysterious and impervious to science? Discuss, and be sure to include an example to support or illustrate your view.

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