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Title: organic vs inorganic ingredient research

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Essay Instructions: Investigate and research the following ingredients:
1. organic oleic safflower oil
2. Sea Salt,
3. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4. organic cane sugar
5. Corn syrup solids,
6. citric acid
7. High Fructose Corn Syrup,
8. modified corn starch,
9. organic wheat flour
10.sodium phosphate

For each ingredient state what they are, what is the health benefit or this ingredient, or what is the associated health risk.
Each ingredient info separate from the other unless there may be a direct comparison.

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Title: The role carbohydrates play in the treatment and management of obesity and diabetes

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Essay Instructions: Critically discuss the role carbohydrates play in the treatment and management of obesity and diabetes.

Include appropriate headings and subheadings and use of figures and tables are mandatory.

References that should be used:
1) House of Commons Health Committee: Obesity report, 2003-3004
2) Patterns of beverage use across the lifecycle. BM Popkin Physiol and Behaviour, 2010, vol. 100 pp4-9
3) Carbohydrates and increases in obesity: Does the type of carbohydrate make a difference? J Wylie-Rosett, Obes Res. 2004, 12:124s-129s
4) Consumption of high fructose corn syrup in beverages may play a role in the epidemic of obesity. GA Bray, Am J Clin Nutr, 2004;79: 537-43
5) A short history of beverages and how our body treats them. A Wolf, Obesity Reviews, 2008, 9 pp151-164

You should also use other relevant sources.

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Works Cited:

Works Cited

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Title: candy factory

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Essay Instructions: For this assignment assume that after graduation you and some college friends decide to open a candy factory. based on your academic background, everyone agrees that you should be in charge of Cost Accounting for the company. The candy factory will produce a number of different types of candy, including(1) various chocolate confections and (2) sugar/corn syrup based candies. Sales will be shipped in bulk to distributors and sold in individual boxes to consumers in the factory store.
At your corporate foundation meeting everyone asks you to recommend a comprehensive cost accounting system for the entire operation. At this point you realize that while you put your best foot forward while discussing and planning this business venture, you haven't a clue as to the processing techniques that are used in making candy.
In addition to the cost accounting issues that are explored through the research and writing of this paper, it is important for you to see cost accounting in the context of the general business world and the physical commercial processes that any cost accounting system reflects. For this reason, this paper requires you to go to readily available sources outside of the text to gain the comprehension necessary to understand the business side of this the company.

a. Research the candy making processes for both chocolate confections and sugar/corn syrup candies and explain, in terms that a layperson with no prior candy making or financial experience will understand, all the steps, procedures and departments necessary to go from the beginning to completion, and packaging of final products.
b.Prepare a list, by department, of all costs anticipated in candy making(direct materials, direct labor, manufacturing overhead). For each item, indicate whether it is fixed, variable or semi-variable, including an explanation for each item. It is not necessary to assign dollar values, but you may do so if that helps you in your explanation.
c.Make the cost accounting system recommendation(s),including your detailed reasoning that demonstrates that you have a good understanding of the implications and limitations of whatever method(s) you choose. You may, but are not required to, use different methods by department.

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Fryatt, E.H. (1999).Candy Making Basics. Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.UK.

Jones, D. (2011). Candy Making For Dummies. John Wiley and Sons. USA.

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Title: fructose and Diabetes 2

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Essay Instructions: The world?wide (but especially American) epidemic of obesity and onset of type 2 diabetes can be correlated to when high fructose corn syrup became a mainstay of our everyday diet.

Your task is two?fold. First, determine if there is evidence that fructose (not necessarily su?crose) causes type 2 diabetes. Then, determine if there is evidence that fructose does not cause type 2 diabetes. Your report should comprise no less than 3 pages and have at least 5 references from the primary research literature.
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Studies using laboratory rodents have consistently shown that dietary fructose supplementation causes diabetes (reviewed in Rizkalla, 2010). For example, rats with free access to 10% fructose water developed glucose intolerance, hypertriglyceridemia, hyperinsulinemia, and ?-cell apoptosis (Maiztegui, Borelli, Raschia, Zotto, and Gagliardino, 2009). In agreement with these results, feeding six healthy, non-obese, young males a high-fructose diet for one week caused a significant reduction in plasma nonesterified fatty acid (NEFA) and increased triacylglyceride levels (Abdel-Sayed, Binnert, Le, Bortolotti, Schneiter, and Tappy, 2008). This finding suggests a fructose-rich diet suppresses lipid oxidation and thereby contributes to ectopic fat deposition in organs such as the liver. When 20 healthy subjects were fed a diet supplemented with either glucose or fructose, only the glucose diet resulted in weight gain (Silbernagel, Machann, Unmuth, Schick, Norbert, Haring, et al., 2011). However, the high fructose diet significantly increased fasting glucose levels, insulin insensitivity (also glucose), and serum triglyceride levels, which are all metabolic changes consistent with increased diabetes risk.

Evidence against Fructose Causing Type 2 Diabetes

A prospective cohort study of 15,792 men and women, with either Caucasian or African-American ethnicities and between the ages of 45 and 64, revealed no significant association between sweetened beverage consumption and diabetes onset during a nine-year follow-up period (Paynter, Yeh, Voutilainen, Schmidt, Heiss, Folsom, et al., 2006). Even the authors were surprised by this finding, in light of the results from studies. The authors suggested that age might be a factor, but the epidemiological studies presented here included

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