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Title: THE ROAD Novel

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Essay Instructions: Cormac McCarthy On the Book "THE ROAD"
JUSR QUESTION and ANSWER the FOLLOWING QUESTIONS ON THE NOVELS # 1 THE ROAD and #2Paul Auster - Read the first half of Invention of Solitude

1)Cormac McCarthy has an unmistakable prose style. What do you see as the most distinctive features of that style? How is the writing in The Roadin some ways more like poetry than narrative prose?

2. Why do you think McCarthy has chosen not to give his characters names? How do the generic labels of "the man" and "the boy" affect the way in which readers relate to them?

3. How is McCarthy able to make the postapocalyptic world of The Road seem so real and utterly terrifying? Which descriptive passages are especially vivid and visceral in their depiction of this blasted landscape? What do you find to be the most horrifying features of this world and the survivors who inhabit it?


Paul Auster - Read the first half of Invention of Solitude

About the author:

Interview with author-

Author’s diary entry after 9/11, read on PRI:

Review of the book:

Assignment: Discuss the ways in which Auster admires solitude and self-sufficiency. There is a long history of admiration for the principle of self-reliance in American literature - Thoreau is still a hero. Obviously, Auster’s father isn’t very emotionally available. But since that’s the obvious part, concentrate on the opposite of that. 3 pages. Due last day of classes

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: McCarthy’s John Grady Cole is forced to confront the passing of the old west. Write an essay in which you examine how McCarthy has his character attempt to make a new space and purpose for himself. Is John Grady successful?

Your essay must have a thesis, and support the thesis with evidence from the text. You may assume that your reader is familiar with the plot and the characters, so you do not need to (should not) summarize excessively. Because you are writing about how the novel works, you will not need to use the first person/singular. In other words, you do not need sentences like: “As I will show in this paper…” or “In my opinion….” Just state your opinions as fact, but support them with evidence, and explain the significance of your evidence. If you want to discuss the effects of certain aspects of the work, it's best to refer to "the reader's" response rather than to your own. I recognize that my topics are challenging. My evaluation of your essay will take this difficulty into account. My primary concern is that you develop an argument and support it with evidence.

Your essay should be 3-5 pages in length, MLA format. If you use outside sources (which is unnecessary but allowable), follow standard citation rules.

*********************Story should be from "All the Pretty Horses" by Cormac McCarthy************************

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Blood Meridian By Cormac McCarthy

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1450 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: 4 parts

I. Intro 0.5 pages

II. Summary 1.0 pages

III. Criticism/Analysis 2.0 pages

IV Conclusion 0.5 pages

Total 4.0 pages

Book review should be written for a History of the American West History Class.

Book: Blood Meridian

Author: Cormac McCarthy

First Vintage International Edition, May 1992

First Published: 1985

Audience: intelligent and knowledgeable college student that has not red the book


Identify Books theme


Synopsis of the book

Outline that describes how the book begins develops and ends


Express Personal Ideas of the book NOT the authors

Observations may be directed at the books subject itself, at the author?s treatment of the subject or both.

Do not address questions of style but rather questions of substance.

Positive and negative criticism ok but needs to be balanced

Interpretations should be supported by facts (names and dates) specific examples

Concentrate of concepts

Write for a history class


Typical conclusion

Review main points

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: No Country for Old Men by Cormac Mccarthy

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1661 Bibliography: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Research paper "No Country for Old Men" by Cormac Mccarthy
ISBN 0-375-40677-8

The Faces of Good and Evil
The burden of being the white hatted man (Sheriff Bell)
The night is falling (the end is near)
How long can a world stand that isn't right?

- Clear thesis statement, conclusion
- four sources, MLA format

Excerpt From Essay:

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