Blood Meridian -- a Novel by Cormac McCarthy

The human animal has stalked the earth for millennia, feeding on knowledge and growing in cunning. It has refined its methods of survival to spectacular heights. Yet, an incurable illness resides within its being. Clothed in the veneer of civilization, the human animal fails to overcome its violent nature. Like the scorpion ferrying the frog, it must obey a deeper rule. Never at peace, the species has sought new and more scintillating experience. Its big brain is in search of more; more power, more territory, more recognition, more. Regardless of the facade, its motivation wells from a deep insatiable instinct to reign. The human animal must conquer, defeat and control. Negotiation is loss of power and the thirst for power is at the core of the creature.

Does this portrayal seem cynical? Perhaps not to author Cormac McCarthy, as he penned his...
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