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Title: Cooperative Learinig

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Essay Instructions: As part of your Chapter 6's requirements, you are to do a short reserach paper on Cooperative Learning. The paper is to contain 4 pages of text (reference page does not count as a text page), 1.5 spacing, 12 pt Times New Roman font, no fewer than 3 references, a cover page, and presented in APA 5th edition formatting. For this research paper, you are given free reign as to the aspect of cooperative learning you choose to home in on but you are to present only one aspect of cooperative learning such as grading, grouping, advantages vs. disadvantages, etc. This is not to be a thumbnail sketch of the cooperative learning philosophy.

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Title: Cooperative Learning

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Essay Instructions: Write a paper on promising practices in the teaching of mathematics. The paper should be on practices and its application to mathematics teaching. The paper should focus on the question; What is the impact of teaching hetergeneous students mathematics using cooperative learning? The paper should synthesize all perspectives in the research (cite your sources).

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Title: wk 3 disc 2

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Essay Instructions: Watch the video How to Teach Math as a Social Activity ( In this video, Mr. Opitz models how they use cooperative learning in the classroom. Based on the video, how does cooperative learning support differentiating instruction to meet diverse student needs? What are some of the benefits and challenges of using cooperative learning from both a student and teacher perspective?

Lastly, create an example of a cooperative task you might use in the classroom, articulating the group task, any student roles that would be included, how you would hold each student accountable for the learning involved, and how you would promote teamwork and collaboration.

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Essay Instructions: Read Text: Making cooperative learning work (In the book of Kaleidoscope: Readings in education, 10th edition)

Response Journal: Do you agree or disagree with the common criticism that cooperative learning is unfair because it slows down the progress of the academically gifted?

1. Be specific about what you write.
2. Give evidence to strengthen your points.
3. First paragraph: mention texts and your main points. (thesis statement)
4. Body: Build your argument with evidence.
5. conclusion: Don't just summarize the argument. consider the larger picture that makes the paper relevant to education.

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