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Essay Instructions: This assignment consists on meeting a person from the aboriginal community in Canada. I chose to meet with the social worker of the Kahnawake reserve, except that I haven't had the time to do anything. I've included the first part of the assignment that I already submitted with my teacher's comments, it gives you an idea of what is required, but for the rest it will have to be an invented story and I'm running out of ideas, it's for this reason that I request your services.
It is a conversation, not an interview.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me to clarify few points.

Include responses to the following questions as you prepare the paper.


What did you do to prepare for this conversation?

What was your method of identifying and connecting with this individual?

Consent and disclosure of intent. How and what did you discuss with this person to ensure that they understood what was going to take place, how the information would be used and what your purpose was?

What are the ethical considerations involved in the process of participating in this conversation? Include copy of signed consent.

Self Reflection

How did the process of moving into another person?s realm affect your sense of self? Did it cause you to reflect on your own comfort zone?

Who are you and what are your past experiences that influence your relationship with the aboriginal community? What helped or hindered your involvement with this individual?

Was there anything that you wish you had addressed? Were you left feeling uncertain at any time?


What did you decide you would share about yourself with the individual and how did you come to that decision? How open was your co-participant with you?

You can include a few highlights of your conversation that you deem significant and important to either you and/or your interviewee.

Summary of Experience

What is your overall evaluation of the experience? Are there differences in the process because you were expected to interact with an Aboriginal person?

What did you learn about yourself? What did you learn about your relationship with the aboriginal community?

Be thoughtful about the process that was involved in doing this assignment. The paper is to be a reflection of the whole process.

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Title: summary and analysis of

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1527 Sources: 1 Citation Style: None Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Summary and analysis of "CONVERSATIONS WITH GOETHE" J. P. ECKERMANN - Importance as a world literature.

Lecture: World Literature

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Title: coversation analysis as tool to investigate the level of call center customer centricity

Total Pages: 15 Words: 4841 References: 15 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The paper discusses the use of conversational analysis as tool to monitor and evaluate the recorded conversations of the call center agents. This tool will be used to gauge the level of customer centric culture among these agents compared to best practice through a customer centric template, the recorded calls of the agents will be analyzed and studied through the conversation analysis techniques. The paper should shed the light on the conversation analysis tool, introduction of this tool, types, and uses. My research will investigate the customer centric characteristics through five random pr-recorded calls; these calls will be benchmarked to the best in class customer centric call centers. Definition of the conversation analysis and their uses as a tool to help the researcher to investigate the status qua of the calls activities has to be explained in this paper. There are certain customer centric characteristics should exist in each agent call which has to be defined and explained in this paper. The paper should discuss the different theories and concepts of conversation analysis explore the best definition that coincide with the objectives of my research.

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Essay Instructions: Instruction:
Mode,tenor, field in the casual conversation transcript
Analysis the generic stages of casual conversation and pick 2-3 interesting features to further analysis them.

The transcript is below:

Interviewer: I?????????????????????? Interviewee: Robert Pattinson: R
I:??? You know the last time I talked to you?ah?for twilight it really wasn?t that good of an interview but I did 4 million hits online on my website.? And the whole thing just freaks me out it?s amazing I?m trying to think how can I get more hits can I have Robert look at the camera and say you?re my favorite fan?? I?m trying to think ????? something really crazy but the whole thing just blows my mind.
R:?? It?s crazy?that?s? that?s? things about people are saying it?s testing really well the movie.? And I just think after seeing comic con where they literally just put on the ?? word twilight on the screen and people start screaming.? You could just do that a good enough test.?
I:??? Speaking of screaming Edwards first big scene in the movie is not really the first time we see him on screen but it?s the standard slow mo. walk.? Edwards walking slow motion the wind blowing and the screams comes up from the crowd.? um?um? I?m looking at that and thinking this is so bizarre.? How much work goes into a slow mo.walk??
R:?? The hardest and hardest and most humiliating experience.?
I:??? Are they going more sexy more sexy Robert?
R:?? That was a long walk it was like 40 50 feet there?s nothing else to it.? And like?like?trying to look sultry or whatever.
I:??? so?so? I retouch that you can do one more walk.
R:?? I think I can only do it two times.? I think Kirsten was in my eye line as well and she couldn?t stop laughing every single time I was coming across the set.? I think they managed to get one where I didn?t look like I had limp.? And that was good enough.?
I:??? And another screaming episode in the movie of course is when we see Roberts Bare chest and of course it?s like looking into a mirror for me.? You know, ah?but?ah? is it disclose silly?? You had to feel silly just sitting there with the wind blowing in your shirt open and white makeup skin.
R:?? I means?that was the only reason that moment that I went to the gym in the first place so terrified about that and luckily was right at the end of the shoot as well.? And especially seeing Taylor and he?s got his shirt off that whole time.? But I was more nervous that I?ve ever been and there is also two and a half thousand fans right in front ????? of you all looking around.? And you?re literally doing a striptease and I was just think you guys are all going to think.? I?m just doing it for you and it?s really embarrassing.
I:??? He actually was just doing it for you just so you know.? Being so still was it naturally coming back to it as Edwards it as Edwards is still all the time.
R:?? More so in this one I think.? It?s weird I think he?s more still.? I like the still parts of twilight.? So I sort of did that and then in the third one I tried to loosen up a bit. Again.
Worker:? Now the, Chuck your done.?
I:??? No, sorry.? Thanks so much.? Good to see you


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