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Title: theory

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Essay Instructions: Each student will prepare a written essay in which the two principal macro level theoretical perspectives (functionalism and conflict theory) will be applied to a topic of the student's choice.
At a minimum, the essay must state the basic assumptions of each perspective.Students must use their own imagination and knowledge to decide how their topic might be addressed by proponents of each perspective. There is no unique "right answer." The purpose of the essay is to show that you understand and can apply some of the aspects of each perspective.
. It must evaluate the utility of the perspective. That is, it must discuss the extent to which each perspective is successful in helping to understand the chosen topic (include both strengths and weaknesses, illustrating that you are familiar with the criticisms that have been raised in the class and text). Make your comments specific to your topic; do not merely repeat the comments from the text.

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Essay Instructions: We hear the term "Globalization" mentioned a lot. What does this mean? Read the link below and watch the video. 1. What are your thoughts on the controversial idea of putting up a fence between the U.S and Mexico? 2. In watching video, what are your thoughts on the conditions of the maquiladoras? Are these a positive or negative entity? 3. What is conflict theory? Can you apply it here? Be sure to use the concepts we've covered throughout the term as your form your answer (inductive/deductive reasoning , ethics etc).

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Title: conflict theory

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Essay Instructions: the paper needs to emphasis the following conflict theory and positive and negative effects in modern society. Conflict between the social classes, proletarian versus bourgeoisie and capitalism versus socialism from early civilization. Conflict theory is a physical resistance, but sometimes it’s just a battle of the brains. Provide relevant examples from international news. How the elite manage to hold onto their position at the top of the pyramid while they are being challenged by the masses. Need 100 word abstract.

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Title: Functionalism vs Conflict Theory

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Essay Instructions: Answer the question completely using evidence, details and other information with outside SCHOLARLY SOURCES. Your response should be 3 to 4 typed pages for each question and demonstrate your in-depth understanding of the topics presented.
(1) Explain how functionalism and conflict theory are similar and different. Which of the two perspectives is more effective in explaining the social world and why?

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