Conflict Theory/Globalization


A Worldwide Phenomenon and its Discontents

Globalization is ever present in today's world. It is found in our ability to speak with a person across the world in minutes, media coverage of distant lands and their strife, as well as constant outsourcing. Globalization is, thus, a phenomenon that is all around us, yet many do not truly understand what it means. Yet globalization means so much more than outsourcing and an increase in technology. This is a phenomenon, truly defined by the ongoing interconnectedness of the world. Yet this is not always positive. This paper will examine some questions as well as some sources that expand upon the above critiques.

The fist topic related to globalization are the on-going debates on whether a fence across the U.S.-Mexico border would be effective in curbing immigration in the United States. Various camps give pro and con arguments, some of...
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