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Essay Instructions: please write an essay paper about concussions and sports injuries in sports. I need it to be about professional level to elementary level. I need ideas for preventing these types of problems and testing to avoid further damage from these injuries. Put a big focus on concussions. Statistics on re-occurring injuries and head trauma. Please use one book as your source.

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Title: legal issues that follow sports injuries

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1120 Sources: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I would like a literature reveiw and discussion of the following legal issues dealing with the following sports injuries. Negligence, duty, breach, assumtion of risk and liability dealing with heat illnesses (exhaustion and stroke), spinal injuries, and concussions. I do not need a an introduction, abstract or conclusion.

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Title: Human Resources and Marketing Assignment

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2702 References: 8 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: I am from the UK and this is an assignment of the course called "Introduction to Human Resources and Marketing"

The two parts should be approximately 2500 words in total. Since each half consists on 50%, please do 4 pages for part one and 4 pages for part 2.

Part 1 (50%)
You have recently been appointed to the Human Resources Department of a medium sized company that operates a production facility and call-centre for internet sales in the city of Salford (in the UK). You have been asked by the board to modernise the company’s employment practices and procedures to ensure that they comply with all current laws.
In particular you are requested to produce the following documents;

1 A recruitment and selection procedure
2 An Equality and Diversity policy.
3 A standard contract of employment.
4 Disciplinary and Grievance procedures for the company.

To accompany each document you should include an explanation of the rationale behind them and any major legal issue likely to occur.

Part 2 (50%)
After introducing the new procedures the following problems arise. How do you think the organisation’s HR department should deal with them?

Pamela is a senior technician in the IT department and she is graded at level 6 in the company pay scheme, which has been agreed through collective bargaining with her trade union Unite. The Unite union represents all technical staff at the company and has agreed that senior technicians in the engineering department are graded at level 7 which carries a salary of £5000 more than grade 6.
Pamela has asked for a re-grading of her post to grade 7 as she feels that the work she performs for the company should be classed as “work of equal value” under the rules of the Equal Pay Act. Her argument is based on the fact that the entry qualifications for both posts are “a good first degree” and more importantly the majority of engineering technicians are men and IT technicians are women.
Does she have a case and does the fact that there is an agreement between the organisation and its trade unions override any such claim?

The IT department manager Tariq, who has been with the company since it started 17 years ago, has found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the pace of change in the current market. It was decided that a deputy should be appointed and the company was very pleased that Jeremy, a PhD from Manchester University, was appointed. He arrived with lots of new ideas and enthusiasm and he took control much of the development work from the department manager.

Over a period of time Jeremy’s behaviour and attitude to the job changed and Tariq suspected that it was drink related. After making discreet enquiries Tariq found that Jeremy was going to the pub most lunchtimes and it was in the afternoon that most of his mistakes were being made. Because they had become friends Tariq tried to protect Jeremy and had on a number of occasions sent him home early as he clearly was not capable of doing his job properly. None of this was reported to the HR division.

In recent weeks Jeremy has rung in sick on Monday mornings and has done so again today, a day in which all the monthly reports need completing. Jane is the only other person capable of writing these reports and she has asked for the afternoon off work to take her brother to the airport as he is emigrating to Australia. Tariq ha, reluctantly, told she must stay and complete the job. Jane’s response is to say “you let your lazy drunken friend take days off and we all see you sneaking him out when he is too drunk to do anything but won’t let me take a few hours off ??" well I don’t care I’m going anyway and I dare you to do anything about it”

Tariq comes to you as the HR manager asking for advice and tells you everything. What should you do?

One of your employees, returning from his summer holidays has been arrested and charged with “air-rage” offences. He had an argument with a fellow passenger on a plane punched him in the face and when a crew member intervened he pushed her causing her to fall and bang her head on a seat frame causing minor concussion. The employee intends to plead guilty and, as a result, could go to prison for anything up to three years. His solicitor has contacted the company for a character reference. Whilst you agree that this person has been an excellent employee for many years and has an unblemished disciplinary record you feel that rather than writing a reference you should be dismissing him for bringing the company into disrepute.
You need to seek advice on what to do in law. What is the outcome of that advice?

In each of your answers refer to relevant legislation, industry good practice and case law to support your arguments.

(Because I am in the UK, please use British relevant legislation etc.)

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