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Title: Research related to career college counseling

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2238 Bibliography: 6 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Students’ research will require them to become class experts on the topic of Computer software for career planning. Please write 9 pages with an abstract included. Please complete in APA format with bibliography

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Essay Instructions: Please answer these IT quetions

1.Most computer software falls into one of three categories: compilers and other translator programs, software applications, and system software. Describe and give examples of each.
2.What are some of the ways that operating systems and user interfaces have evolved since the earliest PCs were introduced?
3.What are some advantages of using a spreadsheet over using a calculator to maintain a record of sports scores or workout summaries? Are there any disadvantages?
4.If you enter ?=A1*B1? in cell C1 of a worksheet, the formula is replaced by the number 125 when you press the enter key. What happened?
5.Presentation-graphics software can produce good presentations and bad presentations. Describe several factors that distinguish the two.
6.Which two technological factors limit the realism of a bitmapped image? How are these related to the storage of that image in the computer?
7.Is it possible to have hypermedia without multimedia? Is it possible to have multimedia without hypermedia? Explain your answers.

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Essay Instructions: As we mentioned, the cases each Module will emphasize various aspects of one consistent technology -- wireless access to IT. For this Module, your task will be to learn some basic things about software -- programs and applications that make computing work In the process, you'll be learning some general things about how the field of software engineering contributes to the world of the IT manager, professional, and user.

As your Case Assignment, you are to prepare a 3 page paper on only ONE of the following two topics:

"Computer software is still a major barrier to wide use of wireless information systems"


"Computer software is no longer a major barrier to wide use of wireless information systems"


Please note that, once again, you're being asked to take one or the other position. Like almost everything, the truth probably depends on lots of things and interactions among them; don't make this more complicated than it is. Just do your research, decide which side of the question better fits the evidence you've found, and write your report accordingly.

Your paper should follow this general outline:

which statement you're going to support, and a brief paragraph summarizing your reasons.

summary description of the major kinds of software, operational and applications, involved in wireless information systems

changes in software over the last few years that affect wireless, and how

major wireless software issues that are currently unresolved

Required readings for the paper include:

Fahmy S., Overview of Wireless Architecture and Products.

Kevin Richards (2005) Enterprise WLAN Growing Up. Software Magazine. []

Dantu R., Fahmy S., Schulzrinne H., Cangussu J., (2009) Issues and Challenges in Securing VoIP. Computers and Security. Accepted May 3, 2009.

You should also plan to consult at least some of the optional items referenced in the Background Information for this Module; the specific items will depend on what position you're taking and what other evidence you've found. In general, the best strategy is to read broadly and quickly, taking in a lot of information in general before you go back and dig heavily into a few sources.

It is also recommended that you carry out your own searches for further information to help make your case. The Professional Websites included in the Background Information are also a very good source of further information, and they all have their own search tools.

For help with understanding unfamiliar terminology, you may want to consult the following, in addition to the references mentioned earlier:

An Abbreviated Software Engineering Glossary []

Wireless LAN Standards. Webopedia. []

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Title: When Where and How is Computer Technology Best Used in the Design Process

Total Pages: 20 Words: 6341 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Citation Style: Harvard

.1 The subject content is thorough and satisfactory.
A theme or argument is stated and competently developed, with a good sufficiency of evidence and personal interest.
Research is sound, evidenced and competent bibliography and (where appropriate) other source references.
A good overall balance is achieved between fact and critical opinion.
There is appropriate use of quotation and reference citation.
The text is clearly structured, soundly and overall correctly written.
The dissertation is well set out in terms of academic requirement and graphic presentation.

This is the out line that i have drawn up for my dissertation and this is what it has to be based on. With the Bibliography there are some books and web sites but they will not be sufficient for this dissertation.

Dissertation Outline

I. Title:

''When, Where and How is Computer Technology
Best Used in the Design Process?''

''The Design Process of a Forty-five Foot Sailing Boat''

II. Introduction:
This dissertation will determine when, where and how computers are best used in the design process through the medium of a case study.
First, an investigation of the development of sailing boat design and construction will provide a selective study of the history of sailing boats, their use, design and construction, and will demonstrate how these have evolved.
Secondly, an investigation of the development of computer technology for design purposes will show how the accessibility of computer hardware and the availability of software are major factors that enable their use as tools to aid the design process.
From the information gathered in the investigations, the case study will demonstrate when, where and how computer design systems have been integrated into its design process.
The conclusion will summarise when, where and how computer technology has been used in the design process of the case study, and evaluate previously discussed information regarding when, where and how computer technology can be best used in the design process.

III. Chapter 1: ''Development of Sailing Boat Design and Construction'': how the development of sailing boat design and construction has evolved.
a. History of Sailing Boats, their use
i. Viking boats
ii. Sailing boats of the 1600''s
iii. Contemporary sailing boats
b. Developments in sailing boat designs
i. Viking boats
ii. Sailing boats of the 1600''s
iii. Contemporary sailing boats
c. Developments in boat construction, techniques and materials
i. Vikings
ii. Sailing boats of the 1600''s
iii. Contemporary sailing boats

IV. Chapter 2: ''Developments in Computer Technology for Design Purposes'': what computer hardware and software is available for use as an aid in the design processes.
a. Computer Hardware
i. Historical development of equipment
ii. Changes in usage and users
b. Computer Software Packages
i. Changes in availability of packages for design purposes
ii. Changes in usage and users of packages in the design processes
iii. Sample programmes to include: Auto CAD, Autoship, Word, Photoshop and Max

V. Chapter 3: ''The Design Process of a Sailing Boat'': When, where and how, in this case study, has the use of computer technology been integrated into the design process.
a. An example of a commercial template for use in a design process.
b. A case study of the design process of a forty-five foot sailing boat.
c. Canvas a number of designers for their opinions on the use of the computers in the case study design process.

VI. Conclusion:
a. The case study will summarise when, where and how the use of computer technology has been implemented in the design process of the case study.
b. Evaluate previously discussed information regarding when, where and how computer technology can be best used in the design process.

VII. Bibliography:

Web Pages:

''Boat Building Techniques Illustrated'', by Richard Birmingham, ISBN 0-229-11670-1;
''From A Bare Hull'', Ferenc Mat?, ISBN 0-9210256-074;
''Wooden Boat Designs'', by Christian Nielsen, ISBN 0-540-07396-2;
''The Illustrated Encyclopedia of SHIPS . BOATS . VESSELS and other water-borne CRAFT'', by Graham Blackburn, ISBN 0-7195-3615-4;
''The Story of Sail'' (illustrated with 1000 scale drawings), by Veres L?szl? and Richard Woodman, ISBN 1-86176-075-2.
''The Past Afloat'', by Athony Burthon, ISBN 0-233-97433-4.

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