Computer Software for Career Planning

Career Management is a combination of structured management and active strategic planning for a professional career. Ostensibly, the outcome of successful career management should be a job that provides personal fulfillment, balance in one's work and life, actualization and goal achievement, as well as financial security. Because this is an active and strategic venture, beginning with setting goals and objectives, and following through with steps, detours, and possibly even reroutes during one's career lifecycle, harnessing the power of computers to help manage both data and direction is optimal. Career management software is, therefore, a combination of psychological assessments (e.g. Myer's-Briggs) to quick and informal overviews (Career Builder) to more summative and comprehensive like MyPath (Stenger, 2008).

Within the context of career counseling with the college or university system, the key is preparing the student to understand that career develop is a lifelong process; and inexorably...
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