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Title: Computer Industry

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Essay Instructions: Computer

First, list out four to six capabilities that your research identifies as critical for a computer firm to perform, on a minimal level of efficiency and effectiveness, if they want to compete in the industry. Then in the next column, for each of the capabilities you have listed, explain in two or three sentences, why this capability is so important for all computer firms. Finally, in the last column, set out in three of four sentences what the impact would be on an individual computer firm in competition if they lost the ability to perform this capability with minimal effectiveness.

Step Two

Within the computer industry, select four firms.

Assess each capability for each firm. Use your own experience or knowledge of the firm’s capabilities and supplement that with information you get from the Web. Be careful of self-serving information from company Web sites or annual reports. Determine the extent to which any of the capabilities in the grid are competencies for any particular firm.

Be sure that you explain why the capabilities you have identified meet the requirements needed to be considered core competencies.

1. Capability

2. Why this capability is necessary to be competitive in the computer industry.

3. The impact on the firm if it lost the ability to execute this capability with minimal effectiveness.

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Title: Computer Information Systems

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Essay Instructions: Computer Information Systems (CIS) are ubiquitous within business. The purpose of this course is to understand how systems are used within the different functional areas of business (e.g., accounting, marketing, management, finance). This assignment provides you the opportunity to begin this learning. You may decide to research systems within your major. If you are an undeclared major, pick a major in which you are interested. You could begin at and input the question “What is an accounting information system?” or “What is a marketing information system?” This would only be an initial inquiry.

The goal of this assignment is for you to begin to understand the use of a computer information system within a particular area of business. Questions to address may include:

What is the purpose of the system?
What does the system store?
What information does it provide?
Who uses the system?
DO NOT cut and paste information that you find. Read, understand and synthesis the information that you research. IMPORTANT: Do not simply report. At the end of the document, include your thoughts and opinions on what you have written.

REQUIREMENTS for the research paper:

You are to write a brief paper that addresses how information systems are used within one or more functional areas of business. It should meet the following specific criteria.

*At least two pages, double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point font .
*Include a meaningful title centered at the top of the first page
*Your first and/or second sentence of the report should be a thesis sentence. (You should have learned about a thesis statement in English II.)
*Your 2nd to the last paragraph should be a synopsis/conclusion of what you have written. The last paragraph should include your opinions and thoughts regarding what you have read. You can reverse these two paragraphs if it works better for you paper.

Include a bibliography of at least five sources. All quoted material within the paper should be appropriately identified and cited.
The bulk of the paper (more than half) should be your own synopsis and interpretation.

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Title: Computer Based Crime

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Essay Instructions: Computer Based Crime

The Internet facilitates a wide range of criminal behavior. The websites that facilitate or promote these crimes fall into two categories: sites that deliberately facilitate crime, and sites that conduct legitimate business but are used by some for illegal purposes. Examples of the first category are sites where prostitutes advertise their services, and sites to teach you how to grow marijuana or make bombs. In the second category are legitimate businesses that can be misused, such as a site to help customers open an offshore bank account.

Search the Internet for an example of each category described above. Do not enter any site related to illegal pornography. Prepare a 4- to 5-page report in Microsoft Word document that addresses these points:

Part I:

?Describe the deliberately-illegal site. What illegal activities are promoted by this site?

?How open is this operation? How easy or difficult was it to locate this site?

?What should be done about the site?

?Which law enforcement agencies (in the United States or abroad) would have the responsibility of taking action against the owners of the site?

Part II:

?Describe the legitimate site. What are its legitimate purposes?

?What illegal activities are facilitated by this site? What type of criminal might be tempted to make use of this website?

?Does it appear that the owners of the site are complicit in law-breaking? Has the website taken any steps to discourage or prevent being used for illegal purposes?


?Discuss the different forms that Internet-based crime can take (fraud, provision of illicit goods, money laundering, etc.).

?Examine the reasons why sites like those you examine are able to continue to operate. Why hasn't law enforcement taken action? (Keep in mind the constitutional protections regarding free speech, as well as the laws of the location where the site is hosted).

In your report, be sure to apply the concepts and terminology from the course wherever possible.

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Reviewed the chosen website for illegal activities.

Analyzed and suggested what can legally be done about the site.

Analyzed and discussed law enforcement's role.

Reviewed legitimate site that facilitates crime.

Reviewed website owner's role.

Analyzed the various forms of Internet-based crime.

Analyzed law enforcement's options regarding Internet-based crime.

Written Components.

Please don't forget to add your references. Thank you.

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Title: Computer consulting Marketing plan

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Essay Instructions: Computer consulting - Marketing Plan Style: MLA Type:

Research DIRECTIONS: The assignments for this course require that you build a marketing plan for the product or service that you have selected in 3 distinct stages. Each assignment contains components that you must build and each of these components relate directly to major marketing concepts.. You must apply those marketing concepts to the specific business, product, or service that you have selected as the basis for work in an appropriate manner. These assignments require that you research, analyze, and evaluate information for your industry segment. You can access industry information from a huge number of sites; the best way to find it search on specific topics, but you can use portals such as brint, Hoovers and Dun and Bradstreet, the department of commerce, and government census information. The ACCIS library also contains a database of publications in marketing-!
related fields. a. Identify a list of questions to be addressed through marketing research to provide your marketing effort with the necessary understanding of what customers and consumers in your market or target market want and need. b. Submit a plan for conducting primary research. The research plan should: i. Precisely spell out the research objectives the research is intended to meet. ii. Design the research plan. Identify your methods, your sample, and any statistics (means, etc.) you will employ. Develop brief plans for how you will conduct observational research, etc. iii. Describe how the combination of your secondary research and your planned primary research will lead to your estimate of target market size and your sales forecast for your marketing plan. c. Identify an initial target market for the good or service to be marketed, using demographic, geographic, and/or behavioral descriptors. Prepare a market-attractiveness/competitive position matrix for the segme!
nt. d. Write a positioning statement or value proposition for !
the prod
uct to be marketed. Construct a perceptual map to clarify its positioning vs. competitors. e. Identify the generic business-level strategy that you will employ. Explain why this strategy makes sense, given the environmental conditions in which the business will operate.

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