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Title: Competitive Analysis

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Essay Instructions: I work for a consulting firm, who is consulting with CanGo. As a team we are working on CanGo's mission and vision statement, SWOT analysis, financial analysis, competitive analysis and marketing analysis. My part is the competitive analysis between CanGo, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. CanGo sells books, they have a web site customers can use to purchase books. CanGo wants to expand into online gaming, and ebooks. But they need to know a little more about their competition.

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Title: Competitive Analysis

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Essay Instructions: I am doing a group business plan. Were going to franchise Starbucks Coffee and launch a shop at the Yokosuka Naval Station, Japan. The company is an American global coffee company. It offers high quality coffee bean and offers a range of verity specialty coffee. Since choice of coffee shop is limited on base, this shop would bring a different coffee experience to the customers on base and to the Japaneses community who have authorize to come on base. I have to do the competitive analysis for the business plan.

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Essay Instructions: This is a portion of a team paper about a fictional internet company called CanGo. I need to write the competitive analysis portion of the paper.

The expectations are:
Market research and analysis on the state of CanGo?s competitors in various market segments. Research at least three competitor?s product and service offerings, detail their relative strength and weaknesses vs. CanGo.

Below are two links to the information regarding the fictional company CanGo that must be used in the comparison.

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Title: Aflac Inc

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Essay Instructions: Here are the directions:

Pick a company and complete an analysis.
An analysis of the company is to be completed while addressing these points:

1. Review and analyze the vision and mission statement. Is the company following the stated vision and mission?
2. Complete an external assessment, utilizing Porter's model for a competitive analysis.
3. Evaluate the company's Intensive Strategy, in the areas of Market Penetration, Market Development, and Product Development.
4. Conduct a SWOT analysis on the company.
5. Answer this: What corporate strategy would you recommend for the next five years of operations?

This paper can be 3-5 pages, APA style format, and all references cited with in-text citation where applicable.

You may reach out to me at for further infomtion.

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