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Title: Portfolio Studying literature is an eye opening experience

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Essay Instructions: My Request is a portfolio that assembles the whole work for the Comparative Literature major

Her are further and specific details regarding my request:

The hole perpouse of this portfolio is to assemble a whole work for the Comparative Literature major to reflect, to evaluate, and to critique its coherence.

• Reflect, evaluate and critique the coherence of the work you have done within the major so far.
• Learn more about your strengths and weaknesses and about what you have achieved.
• Think about the extent to which the learning outcomes the Department promises to convey to its students have been achieved in your case.

You assemble a selection of papers (The papers I will be including are: 1- The Rime of the Ancient Mariner a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge_ 2- _ 3- Pynchon’s concept of hyperreality Novel: The Crying of Lot 49 _ 4-Diotima’s Speech in Plato’s Symposium

(I will be adding a fifth piece) please check the uploaded file for further clarification
You mainly have to describe what where the outcomes from each and every paper, not just include or introduce parts of it, describe what where the new understandings and the outcomes from working with these 5 topics from your own prospective..
please make sure you don't paraphrase anything from the web, the institution I'm in is very strict and won't tolerate any attempt of plagiarism.
I will be uploading a part of my portfolio, please include all of the represented ideas after paraphrasing and editing it.
I will also send you my papers so you could have a look on the style and structure in order for you to easily follow the same tone, language usage.

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Title: brain drain of health professional in zimbabwe

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Essay Instructions: this study will aim to give a contemporay view on brain drain through comparative literature on health professionals migration data across african countries, using zimbabwe as the case (comparable factors and how much worse it is in other against zimbabwe) on brain drain on health professionals in africa to determine which, political instability or economical factor, is the major factor in brain drain. is there any noticeable catalogue in countries that are politically stable countries to zimbabwe. basically the study will be contributing in reinforcing the oldest theory of migration which neo-classical theory

It also gives particular illumination on macro-economy brain drain.
please feel free to use site like UN, IMF World Bank e.t.c

im also thinking of the methodology/research analysis produced by triangulating data (say report, interview, questionnaire) to delve deeper. So you might want to discuss issues raised by the survey with your interviewees

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Title: Decadent Style

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Essay Instructions: Paper Topics 2: DECADENT STYLE

This paper must be about STYLE or FORM. In other words, it is not enough just to trace a theme through a text and discuss its significance; you must also analyze how the particular style of a writer is distinctive. Consider any of the following: form (is it a novel, an essay, a dialogue, and why does that matter?), narrative structure, word choice, syntax and prose rhythm, allusiveness and revision of earlier narratives, use of symbolism, or tone.

Write 6-8 pages.

You positively must, must, must write on one of these topics:

1. DECADENT STYLE: Choose a single sentence or paragraph from Poe, Barbey d’Aurevilly, Huysmans, or Pater, and read it very, very closely in an effort to define what makes it distinctive and distinctively Decadent. Choose a fairly substantive example, since you have to spend the whole paper with it. How does it use syntax and rhythm, figurative language, neologisms, obscurity and ambiguity, metaphor, symbolism, cultural references, punctuation, repetition, wit, irony, or tone to achieve its effects? Look up key words, especially if they seem odd in any way, and consider the reasons (or even the ambiguities) in certain word choices. How does the author enact his stated theories of style or beauty in this sentence? How does this sentence contribute something unique to the narrative or essay argument as a whole? How is the style well-suited to the subject matter? If you write on Huysmans or Barbey d’Aurevilly (as you should, if you are taking this course for Comparative Literature credit), you must consider the passage in French, though you may also discuss the translation of our text.

2. FATAL BOOKS: Decadent writing is often a fatal text about a fatal text. Discuss the function of ONE particular painting or piece of music or literary text in Huysmans or Pater. What is it doing there? Is the fatal text itself Decadent? How has it been interpreted, what important aspects of it are discussed, what important aspects are left out, and why? How is the sensibility of the reader in the text shaped by a fatal book? If reading is an artful misreading, how has this particular critic become a creative artist? What influence does the style of one fatal text have on the style of another? Consider the appearance of Flaubert’s Saint Antony or Barbey d’Aurevilly’s dinner party of atheists or the triptych of Baudelaire poems in Against Nature. Or the drawings of Odilon Redon in Against Nature, or the Mona Lisa in The Renaissance, or Schubert or Schumann in Against Nature.

3. DECADENT NOVEL: What is it about the narrative structure of Against Nature that makes it distinctly Decadent, and how does that structure (as opposed to prose style or thematics) challenge your expectations of a 19th-century novel? You might consider character development, narrative progression, setting, the structure of time, use of critical discourse, structure and arrangement of individual chapters, narration and point of view.

4. DECADENT ANTI-HERO: What becomes a scabrous legend most? Compare Des Esseintes with ONE other Decadent figure: Roderick Usher or Mesnilgrand or Pater’s Michelangelo. What decadent qualities do they have in common? How do their sensibilities differ? How do the language and style of the two texts differently articulate the sensibilities of these characters? How might this comparison help to clarify the meaning of the term Decadence? Points for comparison might include dandyism, illness, ennui, family history, erotic obsession, devotion to art, compulsive study, or political, religious, and aesthetic opinions, but remember to discuss these thematic issues with respect to style or literary form.

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Title: True identity

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Essay Instructions: Hello, i need a comparative literature paper written on Praisesong for the Widow by Paule Marshall and Confessions of a Mask by Mishima. the research paper has to be in the theme of Identity. i also need you find two outside critical and/or historical sources as reverberant
voices (not as substitutes) for the discussion. (the outside sources could be books, movies, other literature). so basically i need to compare 4 different (2 that i provided and 2 that you find) things into the theme of identity.
please feel free to message me at anytime of the day, i am always available.
can you also provided me with the information that you used in the paper so i can make a citation.

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