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Title: Community Service

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Essay Instructions: It is about my Community service paper.
I have done my community service in South Korea, Company called 'Korea federation of small and medium business'.
Here's the website of the company I had community service at.

Please include
- What is community service? (1pg)
- Explain the responsibilities/activities of member of
Strategic Management Team?(2pg)
- How does that responsibilities/activities relate to my
major? (which is Marketing.) (2pg)
- Why community service is a good idea for school of
management students? (1pg)
- State at least 5 defining moment you can have during
community service? (1pg)

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Title: Community Service

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Essay Instructions: Instructions:

Paper Layout:
This paper needs to be fully detailed over the community service you participated in.
Community service- Helping group homes with healthcare, along with coordinating activities to help with exercise and overall health. Also contacting families to facilitate times to hang out.

Part I: (This part of the project is 8-10 pages double spaced excluding all appendixes)
• Planning
• Goals
• Coordination (Resources & Personnel)
• Implementation/Marketing
• Assessment/Evaluation of Goals

The goal of service learning is to provide pedagogy that links academic study and civic engagement. work with a non-profit community organization. No group member should be out of pocket more than $20 each. From the service learning project, students will be able to put theory into practice through transformation of disciplinary concepts, skills relevant to promoting web page. The learning outcomes include opportunity for students to identify, and reflect critically on personal, ethical, and professional civic life.

Sample evaluative questions:

o How did you handle the problem solving process? Were you systematic?

o Did you show evidence of critical thinking? How?
o Did you show evidence of creative thinking? When? How?
o Use the information in the textbook to discuss how leadership was handled in your group. Who are the leaders? How did they come to be leaders? Support your claims.

o Group Climate??"describe your climate giving specific examples to support your claims

o Tensions: describe the evolution of feeling you had for working/helping with people in the organization.

o Describe a major conflict that arose. How was it handled? How could it have been handled better? o Also discuss how you handle working together as a group and what you learnt about working with the organization selected for the service learning project.

o If you are to do it over what would you change?

All this needs to be in your own words and kindly stated.

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Title: Community Service

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Essay Instructions: Can you answer this ?-Describe participation in community service activities, include any work in medically underserved communities or economically disadvantaged comminities? I hope this information about me can help-
1) Volunteer with heal the bay to clean local beaches- spend 1-2 housr a week.
2) Volunteered over 100 hours at New Beginings, a drug and alcohlo treatment center. The center also treated for free individuals in medically & economically disadvantaged communities.
3) I also volunteered several hours at a hospital working and observing the doctors.
I hope this helps. Thanks

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Title: Hospital Community Service Report Paper

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Essay Instructions: Hi...

This is about a hospital community service paper...

You can write down the paper whatever you want based on this format...

1) Journal with an appropriate amount of daily/weekly entries listing both activities and reflections and their impact. Five entries (at least a half page each) is considered a minimum.

a) Daily/weekly record of tasks worked on.

b) How did your education at Management School fit in the day’s/week’s tasks?

c) What did you learn from the day’s/week’s tasks?

d) Reflection at the end of the day/week.

2) Paper of at least 10 pages (double spaced) describing the agency and three or more defining expectations.

a) Describe the organization/agency, where you performed your community service including its mission, goals, size, people it serves, the organizational culture, history, etc.

b) How did you get the community service placement?

c) Who trained or oriented you?

d) What activities/responsibilities did you perform?

e) How did you your responsibilities relate to your major (Marketing)?

f) Describe 3-5 defining moments in your community service placement.

g) How would you recommend the organization/agency to others? Would you continue to volunteer there after your requirement is completed?

h) Do you think required community service placements are a good idea for Management School students? Why or why not?

If you have aquestion...Let me know...

There are faxes for this order.

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