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Title: Comparative Politics

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Essay Instructions: Communism and Fascism represent two extreme ideological perspectives.
Compare and contrast them by explaining how they claim to improve the lives of their followers and what rationales have been employed to popularize them with their respective constituencies.
Now explore how similar and/or dissimilar these ideologies are to America's two major political parties; specifically, compare fascism to Republicans and communism to Democrats.
Can some parallels be drawn? If parallels can be drawn between these extremist ideological viewpoints and our own, what would prevent America from embracing and significantly moving toward one of these extremist political positions?

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A maximum of two web resources can be utilized to supplement your answers, but do not base the majority of your discussion on these sources. Proper citation of sources, including quotes and paraphrasing is required. All essays should be double-spaced and remember to number the pages.

1. Communism has been a powerful ideological force in the twentieth century, shaping the development of many European and Asian nations. (i.e. Soviet Union, Romania, East Germany, China, North Vietnam, etc.) What common elements facilitated promotion and reinforcement of this economic/political model? Why did commitment to a unifying vision break down and what is the legacy of this powerful philosophy?

2. Nationalism has played a major role in global politics throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Acquisition of colonies dominated late 19th and early 20th c. nationalism. How does nationalism operate in the post-colonial global arena, particularly in Africa and India?

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Title: Communism

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Essay Instructions: Please write a paper that has to do with communism.
Please put a thesis at the beginning.

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Title: Title Communism Cuba essay based a case study attach guide write paper

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Essay Instructions: Title: Communism in Cuba

the essay is based on a case study

attach are the guide how to write the paper

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