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Title: Communication Channels Presentation

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  • Citation Style: APA
  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: Communication Channels Presentation:

*You are the project manager at a state-supported public health care facility. Because of the success of your organization, a local organization has donated a state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging machine that is not available anywhere else in the vicinity. As the protect manager, you are tasked with educating the staff and informing the public regarding this new technology.

*How to integrate teams, planning, and training to provide a successful outcome of the selected process.

*What potential communication obstacles might arise.

Create a schematic or illustrate how to incorporate teams into daily health care communication for the issue described.
Excerpt From Essay:

Means, T.L. (2009). Business Communication (2nd ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning.

Samovar, L.A., Porter, R.E. & McDaniel, E.R. (2011). Intercultural Communication: A Reader (13th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

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Title: Communication and Safety

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: communication between pilots, maintainers, and managers, and how it leads to many of the accidents in aviation. I will go over some recent accidents that were attributed to a communication break down and how similar accidents can be prevented.

The paper is about how you would structure part of an aviation safety program for a commercial airline, a fixed base operation, or flying government agency.
For Aviation Safety Content: You cannot design part of a safety program in a vacuum. So first describe what do you consider the most pressing (one or two) safety problems in aviation today. Your paper should fully describe each problem and why it is a serious safety problem. Then, continue your paper by describing how you would design a safety program element, which will ameliorate these problems from a company point of view.
Excerpt From Essay:

Hill, a.C. (2011, November 5). An Approach to an Aviation Safety Program. Retrieved August

6, 2012, from

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Title: Communication and Crisis

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  • Document Type: Essay
Essay Instructions: Communication and Crisis Paper:
Today, you are the director of a regional Emergency Management Office. You begin receiving official reports that the public water supplies of several towns in the area have become contaminated with a life-threatening biological agent. Contingency plans must be addressed within the organization and with the public without creating a panic.

*Include the following in your paper:

*The individuals or groups that will be communicating inside and outside the organization during the crisis situation.
*Potential advantages and challenges associated with communicating within the organization and with the public and private sectors during this crisis situation

*Differences in communication processes used in crisis situations, including what you learned from the situations and how you might incorporate that knowledge to improve health care communication strategies

*Appropriate technology, such as social media, affecting communication during the crisis situation and how these technologies may be used to enhance communication
*How technology might be used differently now than it was during the crisis situations

*Media opportunities during this management crisis
Excerpt From Essay:

Clawson Freeo, S.K. (2012). Crisis Communication Plan: A PR Blue Print. Retrieved from:

Covello, V.T. (n.d.) Risk and Crisis Communication: Communicating Effectively in High Concern, High Stress, or Low Trust Situations. Retrieved from:

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