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Title: College Drinking Campaign

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Essay Instructions: College Drinking Campaign
(Berlin Chapter 26)- Berlin Ray, E.(2005). Health communication in practice: A case study approach

What does the phrase ?the culture of college drinking? mean? How, if at all, does that concept influence the ways in which students drink?

Considering your response to the first question, how, if at all, have your own experiences on campus shaped your own drinking and drinking-related behaviors?

In what ways does this case compare with the ways in which students on your campus think about drinking and any of their drinking-related behaviors?

What role can health educators play in changing the ways in which students think about drinking and in which they actually drink?

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Title: College Student Development

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Essay Instructions: College Student Devlopment: How to bridge the gap bewteen recruitment and retention. Strategies and theories used by today's College Student Services professionals to make this transition for their students seamless. How the effectively pass the baton from the Admissions Office to the Dean's Office.

Possible References:

Evans, N.J; Forney, D.S; Guido-DiBrito, F. (1998) Student Development In College: Theory, Research, and Practice, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Carney, J., & Jay, J. (2002) Translating Theory into Practice: The Dilemmas of Teacher Portfolios. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Southwest Educational Research Association ( 25th, Austin, TX, February 2002) (ED462438).

Evans, N., & Levine, H.; Perspectives on Sexual Orientation, New Directions for Student Services, no.51, Fall 1990. Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers.

Gilson, J.T; (1990) Student Development: The Prevailing Theories and Their Relevance to Today's Students, University of Missouri-Kansas City.

A Brief Overview of Progressive Education

Jones, W.T; Perspectives on Ethnicity, New Directions for Student Services, no.51, Fall 1990. Jossey-Bass Inc., Publishers.

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Title: The Effects of Color Symbolism in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness

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Essay Instructions: College Research Paper required for second semester English. Topic is The Effects of Color Symbolism in the "Heart of Darkness". Can include white/black symbolism as well. Must be at least 1500 words and written in MLA format. Quotations and parenthitical citations are required - no minimum number, just enough to support the paper. Must use six sources in addition to the novel itself. Can include sources from library books and web sites. However, any web sources used must be verifiable. That is, the instructor must be able to use the URL that I provide and go directly to that site. Periodicals are not allowed to be used. Include only college-level sources that are recognizable and scholarly sources). This must be a critical/evaluation type paper. In other words, I must have an opinion that has to be developed and supported. I must also include an outline for the research paper as well as a bibliography.

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Title: Introductory College Psychology

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Essay Instructions: College Psychology Essays


I need (14) fourteen-page essay on the Psychology course.
There are (14) fourteen separate questions that need to be answered.
Please answer one page per question.

In 1971, Philip Zimbardo, a social psychologist at Stanford University, conducted a study to simulate the prison environment. This study could not be conducted today because we’d consider it unethical. View the slide show, found at, and consider whether what was learned from the study was worth the cost of the human suffering it caused. Write your well-considered reflection.

You’ve probably heard that we only use about 10 percent of our brain’s capability. Is this observation based on scientific findings or on casual observation? From what you have read, discuss how much of the brain you believe we use and why.

Be sure to include the following terms in your essay:
• Plasticity
• Association Areas

Think about the physical, cognitive, and social needs of children during the preschool (3 to 4 years of age) years. What types of activities would be most appropriate for children in this stage?

Imagine that you are asked to teach preschool for a day. Think of several appropriate activities for the day. Write an essay to share your activities with your classmates. Be sure to explain why you chose each of your activities and justify their inclusion based on what you’ve learned.

Be sure to include activities to address all of the following areas of the children’s development in your essay:

• Physical
• Cognitive
• Social

4) From time to time advertisers have been accused of using subliminal messages to get consumers to purchase their products (such as Pepsi, Calvin Klein, Camel cigarettes and even Ritz crackers).

Do we pick up subliminal messages? Do they affect our behavior and why do you think that they are used by companies?

In your essay, be sure to correctly use some or all of the following vocabulary terms:
• Absolute threshold
• Difference threshold
• Signal detection theory

5) Sleep deprivation is a serious problem in America, especially for people your age. The downside to sleep deprivation for you is lower grades, poor school and work performance, and heightened possibility of accidents. A school district in Edina, Minnesota has even changed their school day to help the situation.

Research the problems of sleep deprivation among Americans and why doctors believe that sleep is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Write the results of your research and share with your classmates the effects of either sleep deprivation or healthy sleep on your lifestyle. What can you offer as a remedy for the millions of Americans who believe that sleep is optional?

For this short essay, choose three of the following difficult terms and write an explanation that includes both a definition and two examples.

• Habituation
• Maturation
• Accommodation
• Crystallized Intelligence
• Feature Detection
• Parallel Processing
• Sensory Interaction
• Perceptual Set
• Perceptual Adaptation

As you have learned about the informational processing model of memory, you have probably been able to apply a lot of what you have learned to your own studies in school. Share with your classmates techniques that have worked for you in previous units to help you remember “psychology.” If you came up with any mnemonics, please share them.

Also consider times that your memory failed you in this course. Explain what you forgot and why. Use the terms psychologists use when they talk about memory.

Please use some or all of the following terms in your essay:
• Encoding
• Retrieval
• Storage
• Short-term memory
• Long-term memory
• Rehearsal
• Spacing effect
• Serial position effect
• Chunking
• Proactive interference
• Retroactive interference
• Misinformation effect

One of the big issues facing high school students are ACT and SAT tests and their importance in getting into the college of their choice. Please share what you think about the tests and how their results are used (entrance into college). Make sure you include the ideas the terms reliability, validity, and bias in your essay.

Not all people are motivated by the same things. Are you intrinsically or extrinsically motivated? What would be the top three things that would motivate you to complete a project you might not be too excited to do? Which type of project leader would you most like to work with ??" a Theory X manager or a Theory Y manager, and why?

Be sure to include the following terms in your essay:
Intrinsic & extrinsic
Theory X & Theory Y

How do you decipher people’s emotions? Do you read their bodies, listen to their tone of voice, and/or study their faces? Does this nonverbal language vary with culture, or is it universal? Do our expressions influence our experienced emotions? Provide personal examples for explanation.

An issue that you need to look at is how the law and psychology are not in-synch. The law uses the terms of sanity and insanity. Insanity is a legal term that rests primarily on whether a person is aware of the consequences of their behavior and can control their behavior. The insanity defense is used if it can be proven that at the time of committing a criminal act a person either did not understand the nature of the act or did not know it was wrong.

Psychologists are often brought in as expert witnesses to assess the mental state of the patient at the time of a crime. Sane people, in legal terminology, understand right from wrong and understand what can happen from violating laws and rules. They are also able to control their urges and behave in acceptable ways.

Psychology looks at mentally healthy versus mentally ill people. Psychology believes that people can be mentally ill and be sane. Problems arise when mentally ill people commit crimes and have to be judged in the legal system. The law allows for “not guilty by reason of insanity.” These people are sentenced to a mental hospital for treatment and given therapy. They can be released if they are judged not to be a threat to society.

Many people are outraged by the insanity defense because they feel that it allows criminals not to pay their debt to society. People on the other side of the issue advocates that insane people do not understand the consequences of their actions and they should not be held legally responsible and sent to jail where they cannot get the help that they need.

The reality is that the insanity defense is used in only about 1% of the felony cases and is not successful in all of them. Insanity is a legal term determined in a court of law by either a judge or a jury. That concept is not used in psychology because psychology sees degrees of disorders and not the all-or-nothing concept of the law. Some have asked that the plea be changed to guilty but insane.

Based on this, write what you think about the “not guilty by reason of insanity” plea. Also share what you believe the correct treatment in the legal system for those who commit serious crimes.

There was a drastic change in mental health in the 1950s, referred to as deinstitutionalization. What happened was with the use of psychopharmacology, patients in large numbers were let out of the asylums and returned to society. Critics of this movement blame deinstitutionalization for the increase of homelessness and abuse of the mentally ill that exists today.

Share your views of deinstitutionalization and the fate of the less fortunate and economically impoverished mentally ill people today. Research the issue on the Internet and locate programs that work to assist the mentally ill. Use your research to offer suggestions to your classmates.

The social exchange theory asserts that before a person is willing to do something for someone else, one weighs the pros and cons of the behavior. For example, before a person gives to charity, they determine whether or not they can afford it, how important the charity is to them, etc.

Say your school is holding a blood drive next week. Would you participate? Consider your answer carefully, and write a response as well as your list of pros and cons.

For this essay, choose one of the following perspectives to role play. Everything you write for this essay must be written from this perspective.
• Psychodynamic
• Humanistic
• Behavioral
• Cognitive-Social

Choose a character from a Disney animated movie and analyze that person’s behavior from your selected perspective. Choose one or two specific events to include in your essay. (It’s okay to assume that most of your classmates have seen the movie.)
Use at least two terms associated with your perspective in your essay.

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