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Title: College Drinking Campaign

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Essay Instructions: College Drinking Campaign
(Berlin Chapter 26)- Berlin Ray, E.(2005). Health communication in practice: A case study approach

What does the phrase ?the culture of college drinking? mean? How, if at all, does that concept influence the ways in which students drink?

Considering your response to the first question, how, if at all, have your own experiences on campus shaped your own drinking and drinking-related behaviors?

In what ways does this case compare with the ways in which students on your campus think about drinking and any of their drinking-related behaviors?

What role can health educators play in changing the ways in which students think about drinking and in which they actually drink?
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Lederman, L.C., & Stewart, L.P. (2005). No, everybody doesn't: changing mistaken notions of the extent of drinking on a college campus. Health Communication in Practice: a Case Study Approach. Lawrence Erlbaum: Mahwah, NJ. 325-334.

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Title: College Retention Studies

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Essay Instructions: College retention studies show that Social Integration is the single most important factor influencing First Year student decision to continue their studies into the following year.

Question: Do you agree? Explain your answer.

Support this advice by using critical thinking skill.
Excerpt From Essay:

Bagunu, G.A. (2009). Helping our students integrate into social life on campus. UC San Diego Student Affairs Impact Newsletter. Retrieved online:

Draper, S.W. (2008). Tinto's model of student retention. Retrieved online:

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