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Title: Citizenship

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Essay Instructions: The text of analytical paper should be roughly 10-12 pages. That does not include any supporting materials—references, tables, figures, and so on. There are a few points to keep in mind. First, organization and clarity are important. I often read papers that apparently were not proofread by the author or anyone else. You should proofread both for grammar, spelling, etc., and to make sure that your argument is clear and that the analysis is cohesive and well organized. Second, do not make unsubstantiated factual claims! If it is a statement of fact, provide documentation. Third, the more informative and/or persuasive the paper is, the better. Teach the reader something, or convince the reader of something. The topics are deliberately broad so that you have room to define most of the grounds of your own paper.

Citizenship and social change. Much of the discussion about citizenship, political engagement, and so on has addressed elements of society that have, at least purportedly, undergone change over time. Your task is to provide a detailed assessment of one such element (or more than one if they are related). Your examination should focus on something relatively tangible and specific. For example, the catalytic converter is preferable to “social capital,” and the growth of suburbia is preferable to “trust.” At least three major themes must be discussed as part of your analysis: 1) why the phenomenon you have selected is important (and especially why it is important for citizenship/civic engagement); 2) what, specifically, has changed over time with respect to this phenomenon, and with what implications; and 3) what recommendations you offer for communities and/or policymakers.

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Title: Citizenship

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Essay Instructions: In this essay please answer the following question. I will be emailing 3 pages of notes that you should be able to obtain all info needed to answer the question. Thanks- M

Question: 1.

What do immigrant worker struggles and gay/lesbian struggles have in common? (hint: citizenship). How are their struggles different? What is the main obstacle facing each group? Use examples from Louie, Joannie Chang?s talk (and film Labor Women), the film Global Assembly Line and Stonewall videos as evidence for your arguments.

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Title: Should we allow dual citizenship

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Essay Instructions: Topics. Should we allow dual citizenship? According to the professor you either have to be in favor to the topic or against the topic. I think being in favor is the better choice. Remember just to mention ONLY the YES Part.

1. Your answer should be well-organized with a good proportion of the introduction, the body, and the conclusion sections.
2. Your answer should be persuasive with good logic, relevant information, and strong evidence.
3. Your answer should be no more than 5 pages with double space of line spacing.
4. Please create a tittle and add bibliography.
5. Your answer should be type in hard-copy form with a normal font and normal margins.
6. Your answer should have appropriate footnotes/endnotes. It should also follow correct citation/quotation formats.
7. Plagiarism and cheating are not acceptable.

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Title: citizenship

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Essay Instructions: QUESTION:

What does ‘active citizenship’ mean? Are there any barriers to practising active citizenship in contemporary society?

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