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Title: history of multicultural childrens literature

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Essay Instructions: i need a 5 page paper on the history of multicultural childrens literature from beginning to today. This paper has to have included 5 cultures and how childrens literature began, these cultures that must be included are
1. European American
2. Hispanic American
3. African American
4. Asian American
5. Native American
Thank you

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Title: parental responsibilities

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Essay Instructions: A number of children (up to age 16) are breaking the law (theft, vandalism, breaking curfews, drug/alcohol abuse, etc) with few or no consequences to themselves or their parents. Some communities, in an effort to deal with this apparently increasing problem, are considering holding parents responsible for their childrens actions; a community in Oregon recieved national attention when it passed a law holding parents responsible for their childrens actions. Parents may be required to take parenting classes or fined as a result of their childrens actions. Should parents be held responsible for their childrens actions? To what extent? Should there be laws to enforce such responsibilty? (If you answer yes to the first question and no to the third, what do you suggest as an alternative means of enforcement? How else can communities handle parents who refuse to take responsibility for their actions? Consider obligations, moral ideals, and concequences. Present your position as effectively as you can.

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Title: Map constantly changing through the childrens gate by adam gopnik

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Essay Instructions: Use evidence from a minimum of six (6) essays from the collection THROUGH THE CHILDRENS GATE BY ADAM GOPNIK
In addition, you may turn to one outside text to help you develop or explain your theory.
this essay is to persuade us of your theory?s efficacy. To do this, you must carefully lay out your evidence and reasoning, taking us step by step through the formulation of your claim. You also may want to reflect on the significance of what you?ve discovered at the end of the essay?how this writer?s viewpoint might be meaningful (or troubling) to us in a larger context. ---SECret

Secret: Maps are constantly changing thus in a way that makes all theses maps useless
--these maps that Gopnik has and uses to guide his life and make decisions are constalty changing thus he can never really know what will happen because what he knows is constantly changing

--he makes decisions ex. To bring his children back to grow up in New York which he never had but what he knows about New York isn?t necessarily what his kids really experience as they grow up here. He begins to see new york in a new way from his children

Use the essays in Through the Childrens gate to unfold this secret (above)

ADDITIONAL SOURCE --is A Field guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit -- only need one paragraph --helping to use this source to explain the secret or relate it some how


Citation (PAGE NUMBER) or Reference Essay title USE EXACT SPECIFIC QUOTES

Maps are a fiction of approximation as is memory ( talk about memory ? experiences and how they are changing)

Start talking about actual maps ? cartographer ? trying to do an impossible thing, go into depth about this rather then just talking about the literal job of trying to make a map of a constant changing city-Then talk about New York and then lead into religion

Attaching already written essay which you can use pieces from but need to restructure to make essay explain the SECRET stated above


I have attached an essay which basically just needs to be altered to completely fit these requirements, just needs to be reworked.

MUST USE EXACT QUOTES FROM 6 ESSAYS's+gate&hl=en&sa=X&ei=wJcQUc6WEur-0gG67ICwDA&ved=0CDUQ6AEwAA

i will upload other essays as files


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Essay Instructions: Title: Change4life: the government?s initiative aimed at families with children under 12 years old, its goal is to reduce childhood obesity in England.

Background (1000 words) ? use the sub-headings as below, and in each sub-section, try to answer the following questions.
? Background ? What were the problems? How did the issue come on to the political agenda?
? Aims and objectives of the policy ? Why was the policy introduced? What was the policy intended to achieve?
? Policy options ? Who proposed the idea? Were there any alternative ideas?
? Policy process ? Who were proponents and opponents of the policy? Was feasibility questioned and/or tested? Who implemented it?
? Policy outcomes ? What were the results? What was achieved by it? Who benefited? Was it publicly recognised as a success or failure?
Please add your references where possible. Also consider references below as there are very important and are related to the topic:

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