History Of Multicultural Childrens Literature

While all cultures are ripe with stories, tales, and literature geared towards their children, the international melting-pot existence of the modern world necessitates the systematic inclusion of more than one culture with which a child might identify. America stands as a most direct example of this, where people most generally describe their ethnicities with the hyphenated form, - American. While identifying multicultural children's literature is a time-consuming task occupying both educators and parents across the United States, the invocation of children's literature exists in a history dually worth noting. Beginning with the age of immigration and culminating in the 1990s boom, accepting the many-cultured conversion of the United States, the history of multicultural children's literature is inextricably tied to the social history of America.

The growth of children's literature in the United States is concurrant with the movement for compulsory education, which social activists, politics,...
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