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Title: Child Labour

Total Pages: 2 Words: 913 References: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: (ethical issue) "child Labour"

statement of the problem, summary of the problem, brief history, who, what, when, etc. How was research conducted? What were the questions asked? What are the Ethical issues theories,involved etc? What Stats, or observation are available to support my view? Findings and implications what are the consequences, real or projected,of the ethical dilemma to the international system? Why? Are there cos to the international actors involved, What are they? What are the policy implications?
Recommendations--what are the conclusions and recommendations about how the issue should be addressed. Is it an ethical dilema that has a solution? if so, what if not, why not.

references need to be annotated-- 1-2 sentence summary of the source.

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Essay Instructions: ASSIGNMENT QUESTION :

?You are the marketing team, about to launch a new fashion line for a well known global brand. However, the week before the launch there are unconfirmed press reports that child labour is present in your supply chain (for existing product lines not for the new products you are about to launch). These reports are based on undercover visits to foreign factories by a range of NGOs.


You need to consider how to tackle this issue as part of your wider marketing efforts. You must give a presentation to the Chief Executive on your proposed response including specifically, a recommendation on whether you should say anything negative about your affected product lines and what you propose to do about the launch given these reports.?

Following on from your meeting with the CEO you will each be asked to provide a short note to the Board (800 - 1000 words) setting out:

What you consider to be the most important recommendation,
What action the company should take and why.


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Title: Business ethics

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1062 Bibliography: 10 Citation Style: None Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: please answer the following 3 questions:

1) How relevant to business and management is a kantian approach to ethics?

2) Discuss the use of child labour in factories in developing countries from virtue ethics and kantian ethics ethical perspective.

3)it is sometimes argued that a major flaw of utilitarianism is that it is only concerned with maximising the total amount of goods and is not concerned with the distribution of that good between people and groups. To what extend do you agree with this statement?

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Title: Managing Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3088 Sources: 8 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Coursework: Report on a topical issue (3,000 words +/- 10%)

The aim of the assignment is to give students a better understanding of a specific issue and related corporate practice in the area of corporate social responsibility, sustainability and business ethics

The students are free to focus on an issue of their choice, but the issue should be researched from a theoretical and practical perspective to gain an understanding of how issues emerge and form as well as how companies respond to them.

While the issues covered may vary, for example, from child labour to fat-cat salaries, each report should include the following elements:

A description of the issue including how it has emerged and developed over time and the identification of CSR/SD/Business Ethics theories/concepts which can be associated with the issue.

A critical review of corporate and other initiatives that have been launched to respond to the issue, and how these have been applied with reference to specific business examples/case studies.

A set of conclusions and recommendations that identify best practice in how companies respond to the issue.

It is important that your report should be balanced and impartial.
Evaluation of the report will be based on the following criteria:
Topicality - the extent to which the topic of the report is subject to contemporary debate
Use of theory - the extent to which the report summarises appropriate academic literature and relates it to the topic
Presentation and clarity of expression - the quality of the report presentation and the extent to which the report is written in appropriate and accessible language
Application to practice - the extent to which the report deals with real-world issues and makes a contribution to the development of practice.

Note: The structure of the report should include an executive summary (covering the main findings/conclusions and recommendations in the report); table of contents (with page numbers); introduction to issue; relevant theories/concepts; review of initiatives; business examples/case study; conclusions and recommendations; details of references used in the main text; appendices. The 3000 word count (+/- 10%) does not include the executive summary; tables in the main text; references or appendices.

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