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Title: Improvements of Community Child Care Services related to Disability Services

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Essay Instructions: The community child care services have come a long way in the field of disability services.

By using related literature from the international arena critically discuss how these services in the community are reaching out for the holistic needs of these disabled children and how these can actually be improved.

*do not refer to third world countries or were there is poverty

*do not refer to healthy children but the holistic needs of disabled children

*important to refer not that the teacher said that the* community*services have come a long way.......

*critically discuss
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Title: Learning Organizations and Child Care Learning Organizations

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Essay Instructions: Subject: Theory and practice of organizational learning
Develop paper that examines the theory and practice of organizational learning. In your paper, you should address these questions about the theory and practice or organizational learning:
1. How are learning organizations defined by professionals in the field?
2. What are three characteristic of a successful learning organization?
3. Which definition o or description does your organization (child care) follow?
4. What two or three organizational learning practices does your organization follow?
5. Do you consider the learning practices of your organization to be effective or ineffective- why or why not?

This paper should adhere to APA style standards including the following: double space, 1' margin, New Time Roman, 12pt , font
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Austin, M.S. And Harkins, D.A., Assessing change: can organizational learning work for schools? Suffolk University, Boston, MA. (n.d.) Retrieved from

Infed. Organizational Learning. (2001). Retrieved October 10, 2011 from

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Title: Capital Gains Tax in Australia

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Essay Instructions: This report is to be 2000 words (500 words per question) discussing the following 5 Issues, layout and context is outlined below. This report requires a little more research so I?m able to allow 2 to 3 more days after due date however, please kept me updated if this is to be so.

CAPITAL GAINS TAX IN AUSTRALIA what are the consequences of the following Issues and show workings out:
Issue 1: Moodly is a child care worker and she wishes to start her own child care service by utilising part of her main residence. Moodly acquired her main residence on 5 June 2005. For the purposes of the child care business she would have to convert three rooms, 25% of the floor area of the main residence, at a cost of $300,000. She wishes to complete the conversion as soon as she has raised enough funds. She does not want to apply for a loan and need to know if her transactions would be sufficient to cover the costs for the extension.

Issue 2: Moodly inherited a vacant block of land under her sister?s estate. Her sister bought the block of land on 23 June 1992 for $14,000. At the time of her sister?s death, 20 March 1997, the block of land had a market value of $32,000. Moodly is approached by an individual who wishes to buy the block of land but only if the sales contract is signed by 14 June 2013. The potential buyer offers $450,000. If Moodly proceeds with the sale, the incidental costs will be $500.

Issue 3: An art collector offers to buy a painting off Moodly for $54,000. The offer remains valid until midnight 29 June 2013. Moodly inherited the painting two years ago from a close friend. The market value of the painting on the date of her friend?s death was $23,000. The painting was bought by her friend in 2001 for $13,200.

Issue 4: She sold 20,000 Australian Securities Exchange listed shares for $3.35 per share on 20 May 2013. She received the shares under her aunt?s estate who had died on 24 December 1997. The shares had been bought by her aunt on 23 June 1989 for $1.20 each. The market value of the shares at the date of the aunt?s death was $2.35 each. Moodly paid a brokerage fee of $350 upon sale of the shares.

Other information: Moodly sold her stamp collection in 2009 at a loss of $5,400. That was the first capital item Moodly ever sold. The capital loss has been carried forward to the current financial year.

Layout and context
You should:
1. address each issue separately as well as overall, therefore
2. you should conclude and
3. start with an introduction and
4. do not forget to reference, also include Division and sub-section before quoting.
In summery, Start with an introduction, then discuss each issue, referencing to relevant legislation and case law and then conclude on all the issues together.

Discuss the implications for this tax year as well as all the future implications any decisions may have.
You should NOT:
1. include the actual question as I have a copy of it and it inflates your word count and distorts your plagiarism rating; or
2. answer this in bullet format.

? Essay ? divided into subsections with appropriate subheadings,
? a margin of at least 4cm on the left hand side
? Double spaced in 12 point type
? References ? alphabetical listing of works to which you have referred.

Do not cut and paste please use your own words
legislative reference ITAA 1997 (ATO website has almost everything)
Read up on Date of Death issues. Read s 116-20 and s128-15.
When you look at s 40-72 of the ITAA97 you will see that the formula is set out for the diminishing value.
re Issue 1 - are her "transactions enough to cover the cost of the extension", Look at the question as a whole, discuss each issue and look at the cash flow implications, even future cash flow and tax implications.

Citing/ referencing

Primary Sources: Case Law
?The formula is
?Case name (year) volume ABBREVIATION page number, pinpoint reference
?Brodiev Singleton Shire Council (2001) 206 CLR 512
?Which represents:
?Brodiev Singleton Shire Council: Case name.
?(2001): Year
?206: Volume
?CLR: Report series abbreviation (Commonwealth Law Reports)
?512: page case starts on.

Primary Sources: Statutes
?The formula for citing statutes is, pay attention to what is italicised:
?Statute name Year (Jurisdiction) pinpoint
?Dividing Fences Act 1991 (NSW)
?The pinpoint reference to a statute will usually be to a section
?Dividing Fences Act 1991 (NSW) s 15(1)(a).

Secondary Sources
?Even though you may access a journal article through an online database via the library, or a book as an online book via the library, if possible use the citation methods below and do not include the URL or web address.

?The formula for books is as follows:
?Author Name, Title (Publisher, edition, date of publication) pinpoint reference ?usually a page number.
?D Johnston, Roman Law in Context (Cambridge University Press, 1999) 35.
?R Krever, Mastering Law Studies & Exam Techniques (LexisNexis, 7th ed, 2011) 45.

Journal Articles
?Journal articles use the following formula:
?Author Name, ?Article Title? (year) journal volume, Journal Title, starting page number of article, pinpoint.
?P Stein, ?The Two Schools of Jurists in the Early Roman Principate? (1972) 31 Cambridge Law Journal 8, 22.
?This would be a pinpoint reference

Excerpt From Essay:

OECD Tax policy studies. 2006. Taxation of Capital Gains of Individuals: Policy

Considerations and Approaches. No.14. Paris: OECD Publishing.

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