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Title: Child Care Facility

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Essay Instructions: In a 2 page narrative essay discuss your response to the following topics. Read the context in the first paragraphs and respond to the assignment criteria below.

We learned the following things:

Creating a workforce that can meet the economic demands of our country will strengthen our country and provide a higher quality of living for our citizens.

There is an intimate connection between scientific, economic, and socio-political forces and how they can relate to early childhood development.

Each of these perspectives can influence the mission statement and vision of how best to develop and operate an Early Child Care Development Facility

develop a critical essay on external forces' impact on developing a child care development center.

Select one of the three aspects below: scientific, economic, social/political. Develop a 2 page essay that summarizes and discusses the following points for the aspect you selected. Cite your reference sources by including a reference list.

Respond to the following. Select one of the following topics:

-Describe three aspects to the scientific perspectives and explain the impact that science and technology has on early childhood education and how these effects may impact the operation of a child care development center. Give examples.

-Explain three economic relationships at the federal/state/local levels which impact early childhood education and how these may impact the operation of a child care development center. Give examples.

-Explain three social and political issues that have shaped early childhood education and how these may impact the operation of a child care development center. Give examples.

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Cotton, Kathleen & Conklin, Nancy Faires. Research on Early Childhood Education. School Improvement Research Series.

Smith, J. "Metropolitan/Nonmetropolitan Variations in Early Childhood Education Programs in the United States" Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Rural Sociological Society, Marriott Santa Clara, Santa Clara, California <

ot Available>. 2008-06-26 at

Yglesias, Matthew. (2008, July 2). Early Childhood Education is the key to leaving no child behind. Century of the Common Iowan.

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Title: child care

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Essay Instructions: a child care study of a 5 year old -a statement of research/observation, evidence of testing,recording decisions, analysing, viewpoints with supporting reasons. To include additional materials ie photographs which i have. Appropriate forms of research eg. testing, IT- produced reference data, questionnaires, interviews etc. With the introductory visit to identify the stages of development the child has reached at 5 yrs of age. To decide upon the focus of research during obsevational period, plus 6 further visits - coverinf planning, observation and research. Areas of investigation, the physical, emotional and social development explored through play, toys and books, creativity,speech, concepts, parents and child, nurseries, safety and healthy eating. To be assesed on knowledge and understanding of the suject of study. Identify issues and questions, assemble relevant information, examine the evidence and hypothesise. To select a range of appropriate home economic skills competently. Gather, collate and record analysis viewpoints, interpret and evaluate evidence. Make a personnal viewpoint, make decisions, take action and evaluate investigations and tasks. Must be presented logically and using appropriate format. |Using experimental vs observational aspect and observer influence and observational settings. one child study only with longitudiinal design and data collection. thanks susan (i dont think i could say much more).

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Alliance for Childhood. "Importance of play." 2 May, 2003

Bergen, D. Pretend Play and Young Children's Development. ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood, 2001. ERIC,ED458045.

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Wolfgang, C. "Preschool Teaching: First day and lasting impressions!" Phi Delta Kappan 78 (1997): 409.

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Title: The impact and cost of child care on single Parents

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Essay Instructions: This paper is for a Policy 11 class in the school of social work. We are to identify a social policy issue( The impact and cost of child care on single parents). We are to provide an analysis of the problem based on the policy process model.

Scope of work:
Clearly describe the problem that you are attempting to address
Goals and Objectives
Significance of the problem (what is at stake?)
Community involvement
Mobilizing the media and officials
Solutions and policy recommendations
Benefits to special population and people of color
Implementation (for example solutions and policy recommendation)

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:


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Title: Feasibility Study for Establishing a Child Care Facility

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This paper is a Feasibility Study of Establishing a Child Care Facility. I would like to receive a quote for your services before I am actually charged. I had to write and submit a proposal to my professor a few weeks ago, so I have already completed some of this paper. However, I do need additional chapters complete and possibly have some of the paper revised. Your company seems to come highly regarded from and, so I am trusting that you will be able to take a look at what I have already done and see if you are able to work with that as I have a limited budget. I need approximately 20-25 additional pages to complete this paper.

I have available to send you via email: research that I have previously done, the paper that I have started to complete. I can also send via fax the specific details of what each section should contain.

Page numbers - upper right hand corner of paper starting with chapter I
table of contents is numbered at the center bottom of the page in lower case roman numbers
every chapter starts on a new page
Chapter II (literature review) should contain at least 10 references
Do not use first person "I", use "the researcher"
There are faxes for this order.

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Excerpt From Essay:

Reference List

Bureau of Labor Statistics,

DHS - Department of Human Services,

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The Southeastern Wayne County concentrates roughly 20% of Wayne County's total population. The population, both at county level and for the southeastern part, has an overall negative trend from July 2005 to July 2006. There are just a few cities that the primary activities seem to depend moderately on sources of energy, e.g. The rail transportation can be an indicator of coal or any other type of fuel to the County.

The large percentage of workers employed in educational services, together with the one of arts and entertaining suggests that the society is driven to retain as much as possible the current inhabitants.

a. Enrollment capacity - this pays respect to the number of children that can be served in the same time by the same establishment and it is determined by the county authorities based on the required minimum staff-to-children ratio (see table 7).





Cots and mats

The annual sales forecasts show that the revenues will triple from 2008 to 2010. By that time the day care will have a stable client portfolio and will try to attract kids from different segments and special needs, as well.

The business will be privately-owned and the owner will come up with all the investment, either for personal savings or borrowing from friend/family. The initial investment accounts for $92,000. The day care will hire a professional bookkeeper to deal with all the financial issues that will come and will also be in Table 13 is summarizing the economic activity - the profit&loss situation. It can be seen that the business will start generating profit in the 2nd year. From the 3rd year it can be considered that the business recuperated the investment and started to generate positive revenue to its owners.

In terms of financial figures, the centre will require an initial investment of $92,000, which is to be recuperated entirely in the 2nd year of activity. The ratio of net profit to sales will be 16.67% by the 3rd year and the profit and cash flow will start to have positive values from the 2nd year.

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